Ciscio SPA525G and ReSound Phone Clip

We use a hosted VoIP phone system for our business, and I just acquired a Cisco SPA525G deskset that works with my provider. I bought the Cisco device because it’s the only SIP desk phone that has built in bluetooth.

I paired the ReSound Phone Clip to the deskset and voila I was taking and making calls. The first couple of calls I made were pretty ok, but today they were all very scratchy, with very annoying extraneous sounds (pops, crackles).

I do a lot of work with wireless for my work, so I know enough to systematically have started turning off WiFi and other RF radios around my office (e.g. WiFi on my laptop, my Android phone, as well as bluetooth on my computer and my Droid). This didn’t improve the quality.

Just for grins I paired an older Plantronics 510 earbud to the Cisco phone and the quality was noticeably better without the scratchiness and crackling.

I’ve placed the Phone clip on my desk right next to the phone… so the extra sound is not coming off my clothing or from movement.

I truly love the capability, and also am really liking the Alera 61 instruments. These are my first devices (still technically only 9 days into a trial), and I truly want the phone clip to work, as it’s an amazing capability. But the quality of the Bluetooth audio may not be ready for prime time. It does work a bit better with my Android phone, but also not great.

There has been some discussion of the Phone clip here, am wondering if anyone has ended up finding a way to work directly with ReSound on this? My audiologist is very good, but somewhat green about bluetooth.

Any feedback is appreciated.