CIC versus RIC-- Rexton 42s Costco

I am trying out the RIC Rexton 42s from Costco and I like them. I have to fiddle with them, it seems, a little more than I like. I am used to CIC aids over the years and they tend to be a little more put them in and forget about them. I have been led to believe that you should hear better with BTE aids because of the more exposed microphones thus better directionality. Because of advances in technology, is this true with the Rexton 42s, or are the Rexton 42s CICs just as good as the Rexton 42s RICs in terms of performance? Thanks for replies.

250 L70 R70
500 L70 R70
1K L65 R60
2K L55 R60
3K L60 R65
4K L65 R70
6K L75 R75
8K L75 R70

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I’m just about to have my RIC Rexton 42s fitted at Costco … tomorrow afternoon, in fact. What I have been told by quite a few people, including audiologists, is that RIC wins hands down over CIC … that you pay a price for simplicity and vanity by going with CIC hearing aids … the audio quality and flexibility are just not the same. That’s just hearsay that I have heard repeatedly. I will be very interested to read replies from people who have used both and, when all is said and done, prefer one over the other.

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In your case that is true in spades. You have a typical aging loss with the base sounds in good shape. That makes you a candidate for an open fit dome. The CIC will give you an occluded fit. The battery is smaller than the Trax42XM which will add to streaming difficulties. But, if you are that vain, don’t accept the facts. Enjoy.

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I am wearing ITE hearing aids, they are half shells. For my hearing they seem better for me. I have worn BTE RIC hearing aids and they do work great but I have to have double domes, to prevent feedback issues. And I know it just may be me but I find the ITE aids to be more comfortable. But it does seem that the ITE aids have more issues and need refurbishing sooner.
I may go back to BTE aids next time with custom ear molds.

I am VERY satisfied with my RIC 312 battery Rexton Trax 42c hearing aids, having had them for just three days. No fiddling at all. The Automatic program is so good I really never have to change to another program, although I have four to choose from.

I would not want an occluded fit … my low frequency hearing is OK unaided and I like the natural sound topped up by the hearing aids for the higher frequencies. CIC would not provide that. And I am not at all concerned with vanity, so RIC was the natural choice for me.

Glad to hear you’re happy with your Trax 42. I agree. The Automatic program is good enough for me 95% of the time. Occasionally, I’ll use the Noise/Party program in a restaurant or the Music program while listening to music. But most of the time the Automatic program even does well in those two situations.