CIC style Phonak, Oticon or?

Hi there, after my hearing test today I was given some suggestions of hearing aids - all CIC.

Phonak …Oticon
Cassia $5290 …Ino $2698
Solana $7390 …Ino Pro $3860
Ambra $9690 …Acto Pro $6770
…Agil Pro $9200
(to put the prices into context, I live in Sydney, AUST)

Ok, so some of these are completley out of my price range, but these are what were suggested to me. Are some hearing aid brands known for being better at one style of aid over another? basically just wanted to know if other brands jump out at you as particularly good as CIC style aids, or would these be the best? She mentioned Unitron as being good (even better than these 2, but since these two brought out their latest models, Unitron has fallen behind - according to what I was told). Any other brand of CIC that I should consider? (these are the only ones she wrote down for me to look online about).

test 02 June 2011

freq. 250…500…1000…2000…3000…4000…6000…8000

Starkey has very good CICs with the best feedback cancelation system. Have a look here Starkey S series voice IQ.

You should also check out Starkey AMP

ReSound’s CICs are good and I think cheaper ReSound Live

i think u can try for resound which covers ur hearing loss i suggest u to buy RESOUND ALERA 9 , were it is next generation hearing aid , worth of 3500$ each,so pl try once

Hi thanks for the suggestions. Yes I am interested in CIC, so will look at those other brands. I realise I could of written my post with the prices ommitted, but put them in purely to provide info to the curious. I’m sure there are a few Aussies around that don’t get much info specific to oz, because most posters are from the US - and also others may like to compare quotes from different sides of the globe :slight_smile:

Costco will be opening in Sydney in July. We have one store in Melbourne, so Sydney will make 2 stores. I have read lots from people here about their aids from Costco, so will be curious to see if those same brands will be sold in Australia.