Cic starkey hearing aid

I am new to this, I found that I have sever hearing lost and I needed a hering aid, I got the Starkey CIC, so far I am not happy with it, I it feels like you have sever cold when Talking and barly hear your voice, I hear my voice like my nose and my ears are taped or closed, and then I hear a lot of noise and echo like sond, I hear like some one is whispering in my ears and I can not identify the sorce of the sound from where it is comming, is this normal, can any one tell me what is the problem, I spent about $5000 for this pair of hearingaid, I have it for 3 months now and barly use it, the doctor could not understand what I am talking to him about, is any one has something like that and what is the solution, please help

What are your hearing loss values? is it severe across all of the frequencies or just the high frequencies?

It could be that you do not have sufficient venting or the audiologist has really messed up the prescription for your loss.

A word of advice, if you are still within your trial period then I would get this period extended or return them unless the problem is solved.

Thank you for your help, my problem is just the high frequencies, I do not have my hearing loss value, I will ask the doctor to give it to me, I do hear people talking but sometimes I do not understand what they saying and ask them to repeat, I have no problem hearing the phone. The doctors try to scare me saying that I have lost 80% of my hearing, I do not believe that, I do work and mostly interviewing people all day, some people I can understand very will and some not, it based on their voice tone.
I talk to the doctor and she will do everything over again from testing my hearing to new molding and if necessary ne hearing aid.

Thank you so much for your post.

I had a Starkey CIC hearing aid and actually it worked very well. I started with just one mostly because I had sticker shock at the price. After about a year I bought a Rexton Insite CIC for the other ear and it worked fine too but the combination of the two did not go well and the Insite CIC was not quite powerful enough for me, so I returned it. I bit the bullet and got two Rexton Cobalt 16 and I like the fit and feel of an open fit behind the ear style much better than the CIC. The CIC’s were much more occluding (that finger in the ear feeling) than the open fit. I eventually returned the Cobalts and got the Resound Futures from Costco.

I know I will not be able to have an open fit when my hearing deteriorates more but I’ll keep these as long as I can.

It’s hard to answer this without knowing the hearing loss, or the model of aid. Starkey is one of the largest hearing aid companies in the world, and they have many hearing aids available. So talking about a Starkey CIC is like saying a Ford car, you know the one with four wheels. There are many levels of technology you could be talking about.

You really should be working with your hearing professional to get things right here. During the first three months most hearing professionals can send the aid back in and exchange it for different technology, but because you waited this long, this may no longer be an option.

But there are still major adjustments the lab can make for free while you are under warranty, so don’t give up, go back to your hearing professional, describe the issues in detail and let them do their job of helping you.

They are probably referring just to the high frequencies when they are saying 80%, not to the overall average of your results.

Remove the hearing aids from your ears and plug your ears with your fingers. Now try speaking. Is this the same quality or effect you notice when your hearing aids are in?
You might also try inserting the hearing aids in your ears without batteries in them and see if even when they’re off they still have the effect that you have described.

If this is the case then the professional you’re working with is likely to recommend either having the hearing aids remade with a larger vent or changing to another model that is less occlusive (plugs your ears less).