CIC or ITC with Bluetooth/wireless connecitivity

Does this exist? I have been wearing one HA for years, but now need two. I’d like to stick with the CIC, but the technological advantages of a pair of RIC are tempting if I can get over my vanity. Thanks for your help.

The audiologists on here should be able to tell you the exact models, but I know these are available from most, if not all of the major manufacturers now. Definitely from Resound, Phonak, Siemens, Starkey and Oticon. And probably from Unitron and Bernafon as well.

Most of the major hearing aid manufacturers have CIC and ITC products that can receive Bluetooth audio when used with a neckloop device or clip-on accessory. ReSound has an ITC that can receive audio directly from Apple iPhone/iPad without the need for an intermediary device.

What about things like being able to talk to each other? I’m thinking of going with the RIC for the additional microphone in each HA.

Yes, some instruments can communicate with each other to exchange control data or a full audio signal. You can get natural directionality from the pinna and a deep CIC, but directional mics will work best in noisy situations if you’re able to face the talker.

Forget about the vanity, very few if anyone will know you are wearing HA’s and more importantly will even care that you are wearing a HA.

It’s hard to find an aid WITHOUT bluetooth and/or wireless these days. I seem to be in the minority now, but I preferred the smaller form factor CIC and longer battery life of aids prior to forced inclusion of bluetooth.