CIC for severe hearing loss?

Other than the Starkey Destiny, can anyone recommend a CIC for severe hearing loss? My audiogram results: R/L:

500: 35/35
1000: 45/55
2000: 50/70
4000: 90/120
8000: -----------

I’ve trialed behind and over the ear models in addition to the receiver in the ear, but have experienced various issues. One of the problems was with telephone use and I have a hearing aid compatible phone with an amplified headset.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Terri,

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If you like your current CIC’c and your primary concern is telephone usage then I would suggest using a speaker phone. (If privacy is not an issue.) Your hearing loss is severe to profound, but I have seen much sucess with this.

I am big on using analogies with my patients… Think of it like your vision… You can close one eye right now and still read this message, BUT it is much easier with binoccular vision. This same principle applies to your hearing. Plus, because you are not holding a hard surface (telephone receiver) close to your ear you will not experience any feedback.

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At 4,000 hz, I believe there are no CIC’s that can produce enough gain and headroom to match your hearing loss. Many BTE hearing aids (not including open fit) would also be pushing pretty hard to meet the gain needed at 4,000 hz. Yet, in reality, that area may actually be a cochlear dead spot, and amplifying beyond 3,000 or even 2,000 hz may possibly not even help anyway.

There are ways for your audi to help detect these problems and to determine if amplification in these areas are really helping or not.

If not, then staying with CIC’s from most brands should be fine. Yet, if amplifcation at 3,000 and 4,000 hz are helping you with speech discrimination, then a more powerful aid may be best.

I use the Phonak Micro Power series, which incorporates a small BTE with a very thin wire and a speaker that is housed in a custom made CIC case with my customers. It is almost as invisible cosmetically, yet we have the power performance, with high gain and output.

I believe I posted some pics earlier this year…try doing a search on this forum. If you can’t find any, please post and I will post some pics of the actual product on our customer’s ears.

You know the Starkey Destiny is probably one of the best aids for this kind of loss. Their feedback management system is one of the best on the market. Keep in mind too that there are now five different models of CIC Destiny; the 200, 400, 800, 1200, and 1600. The 1600 would be a wonderful choice for this kind of loss.

But realistically, if you want to get as much power as you can, you probably want to try a BTE. You can get a Destiny 1200 Power Plus that has 80dB of gain (that’s a lot), and you can hit a button to activate the telecoil feature that would help you on the phone with no feedback.

If you want to try a different specialist, look for Audibel. They are a division of Starkey. Their technology is the same, but you may find the specialist is better at programming the aids. (Not that the training is any better or different, but I wonder if your issue with Starkey is you did not like your local professional.) In the Audibel range the Destiny aids are known as Virtue and the model names are the same with two less zeros. So 2, 4, 8, 12, 16.

I have worn BTE aids for 30 years, have a severe-profound loss, and just switched to Audibel CIC aids. I also work on the phone all day long. I found I can use the T-coil on these aids effectively by using a CLA7 loop from Clearsounds. I have no difficulties on the phone and no feedback whatsoever. It is amazing to me I can actually wear CIC aids with discrimination every bit as good as what I had with BTEs.

I did go out to Minnesota and get the aids fitted directly at Starkey. I think it’s well worth doing that since getting a perfect fit on the molds is of paramount importance.

siemens just launch a CIC call nitro,
which says it has a 70db gain,
any experiences?