CI Surgery Postponed Again

Well I received the phone call I was suspecting would come. My CI umplant procedure has been postponed again. My original sugery date was 3/12, I’m a type 1 diabeticand surgery date #1 was cancelled due to my glucose being too high. The re-sceduled date was 4/23 and was cancelled and re-scheduled to 5/22. This time because if COVID-19. There are still new confirmed corona viruses coming in each day. Our state in under a stay-at
-home order (except for essentials until 5/7.

It seems they aren’t very confident of that date because they asked if scheduling the procedure until June would work better for me. I don’t have go through all the pre-op work except the labs. I won’t do that until we get closer. So now I wait again. Thank goodness I can hear with a hearing aid in my other ear.

Anyone else waiting to have their implant surgery?

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What hospital? I do not think you will get it done until the end of august. Illinois will keep setting the stay in date later and later. I had several things to be done at the VA hospital and they keep setting the date back. I finally told them to give me a date is September. Hopefully I can have the procedures done by then.

Oh Debbie, I’m sorry to read this yet again. But you certainly are safer at home than in hospital at the moment. Good luck for the next date…

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Unfortunate but not surprising, the last place a healthy person wants to be right now is in a hospital. It will happen eventually.

I was going to start on getting my second ear implanted, but at this point I am not even going ask about it until fall.

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It’s Northwestern Delnor in Geneva. If I have to wait, I have to wait. I trust Gov. Pritzker will open things when he he is advised it is safe and not before. I probably should have told them September. I’m not doing the bloodwork again until there is a date I can be sure will happen.

The top guy where I work was saying he thought we would be working from home until June. That was a couple of weeks ago. Being diabetic, I don’t want to take any chances.

@Deaf_piper LOL! How ironic you say that I’m safer at home than in the hospital.

I’ll wait as long as it takes until it is safe to do the procedure.

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@pathurley I know you’re right.

I’m thinking, what if I had the ear implanted last month? Would I be stuck without the follow up visits? An implanted ear where the activation couldn’t happen until this is all over? It could be a good thing I didn’t have the procedure last month. Now I have to get a hold of HR again and reschedule my intermittent FMLA.

@debbie_o trust me you are… One of our states Tasmania had to totally close 2 of its hospitals. As they had so many positive Covid19 staff members all working.

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Better safe than sorry. Stay safe and good luck.

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May would seem unrealistic. Late this year would be more realistic but still not something you could count on. Until there is an effective proven treatment or widely available proven vaccine there will remain the risk of 2nd and third waves once the first is controlled. The US may get more herd immunity (at a great cost) but not enough to prevent a new wave. There is no easy way out.

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