CI hybrid EAS

For those of you who are interested in understanding more about the Hybrid EAS, I found this document. It’s a very interesting read.


Well I’ve just picked up my aid. Inspite of going into my breeze dryer for 8 hours every night Religiously I still have a moisture problem. And it’s winter here. Weird stuff!!! So it had a lose battery housing and moisture problem. Would these 2 things cause a faulty BT connection??

Bluetooth is a battery hog so if the battery has bad connection yes it could cause lots of issues



I use a Dry and Store Breeze. I thought 8 hours would be enough but now I’m wondering.

Do you know your IP rating for your aid?

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I also use a Dry & Store Professional. Not having moisture issues with the Phonak aids.
Is this a Resound issue?

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@Zebras my IP is not as high as my old Phonaks, it’s only around the 53- 56 mark for the Resound.

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