Choosing between 4 options!

Hi everyone,
This is my first post in this forum, I was reading some of previous posts but still need your expert recommendations!!
I’m 46 years, using HA in my right ear since 2001,

My audiogram:
L 80–75----85—90----95----95----95—110
R 60–70----75—75----70----75----80—100

My first HA in 2001 was CIC in right ear as it was enough in that time, from 2004 upgraded to ITC, Bernafon Smile, then in 2009 to Bernafon Symbio ITC (which has more power than Smile but less clarity),
For the past 11 years, I have tried some BTE for my left ear, but never was able to get used to it,

Now, there are some nice powerful HA which may allow me to upgrade but go back to my favorite CIC.

Here in Dubai, there is only one dispenser for each brand, and one brand for each dispenser,
My options:

  1.  <b>Bernafon CHRONOS 5 </b>CICP, $ 1700 / each, but it will be ITC for the left ear. 
  2.  <b>Oticon, Ino </b>CIC Power (6 channels), $ 1100 / each, but it will be ITC for the left ear
  3.  <b>Phonak Cassia</b>, 10 Petite (CIC) SP, (6 channels), $ 1350 / each, and I will get one for the right ear, then in case I’m happy, I will get another for the left as it seems powerful enough for both ears :).
  4.  <b>Siemens Nitro 301</b>, CIC, 8 channels, $ 1350 / each, same plan as option 3 ,

Please, any advice?? as my previous experience was only with Bernafon, and have no personal experience with other brands, and as u see, I’m keen to go back to CIC and also to re-use my right ear again…

Many thanks in advance,.

To weed out some choices, compare
1 to 2
1 to 3
1 to 4
2 to 3
2 to 4
3 to 4
based on price, ear placement, number of channels, and maybe more features.

Ideally it’ll end up with one choice, like this,r:0,s:0,i:140

For the amount of hearing loss you have I would think you would get better results with a BTE premium level hearing aid.

I wear Oticons w/bluetooth, never been totally pleased with them. Have an older pair of Phonak that actually perform better at sound reproduction but no bluetooth capability. From what I see, you will not like the Oticons (if you try them for a period of time) as well as the other options you have.

Based on your power requirements, I wouldn’t recommend any CIC. BTE or RIC is the way to go.

If given those were your own options you are considering, forget about Bernafon and Oticon. Not enough power. The Phonak just barely has the power, but the Siemens, (depending on the size of your ear canal) potentially has the power you need.

Again, I HIGHLY recommend you move away from the CIC’s as they are going to be troublesome for you down the road at those power levels.

I second all of the other comments about these being underpowered.

See the link in my signature. I believe you have a fit range of <=100dB or <=110dB. You should trial what is available to fit you and make a decision about what is best in terms of sound quality and features. Don’t let audiologist self-interest limit your choices.


Thanks all for ur replies / recommendations,
So, all agreed on :

The proposed options 1 and 2 (Bernafon & Oticon) are not powerful enough for my loss, especially for left ear.

Also, no one agreed on CIC in principle, as with the same budget I can get BTE with more power and definitely more features/quality… but again, I really really didn’t like and was not able to use any BTE during my hearing aid history. CIC and ITC were always my way and turning to BTE or even RIC is like having hearing aid for the first time, that feeling I don’t want to go through again,

Don’t you agree that by using HA in both ears, then power issue might not be that much critical, especially with the super power CIC, Siemens/Phonak…
And premium level HA in Dubai are really above my budget, as I’m going to have set of 2.
So, in case I will go for option 3 or 4, can anyone provide his experience /knowledge about these 2 models and which will fit me more,
Thanks, regards,

What about Starkey CIC?

Taking all above in mind, as I said earlier, I have only 2 options for new pair of CIC,

Phonak Cassia
, 10 Petite SP, 6 channels
Siemens Nitro 301, 8 channels

But Phonak dealer here in Dubai has better lab and more qualified audi,
So, I will go for Phonak, a pair of Cassias will cost around $2,500 ,
Or, should I squeeze my pocket and follow some advice here to go for more premium level as Solana (16 channels) but $ 4,200 :confused: , i never had this budget in my plans,

Any ideas??? I will finalize the deal this week.

My audiogram:
L 80–75----85—90----95----95----95—110
R 60–70----75—75----70----75----80—100