Choice of ReSound TV Streamer 2 or Phone Clip+

Hi, I’m newbie in this forum.
First of all, sorry for not writing quite well.

My current hearing aids oticon in one of them stopped working, so the other day I visited my hearing aid center.
The person who advised me, say that the best option for my needs is resound, a custom model. I have about 35-40db loss in the last audiometry I did (fortunately), and from birth those values ​​remained more or less stable.
I’m currently 23 years old who loves to play piano and music in general and want hear differences in hifi sound/wav/flac compared to mp3 format, because I also use DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) as a hobby.

The specialist offer me a custom resound linx 3d LT588 (or similar, the series 5XX is) for both units at 2200€ and a gift for being with them from the beginning at choosen: resound phone clip+ or resound TV streamer 2.
The problem is, when the company have the new custom Linx Quattro (in March or April 2020), I could change the linx 3d hearing aids to LiNX Quattro series 5XX for 30-35€ more, and the phone clip it may stop being useful because I could connect it to an android phone. But in the other hand, to receive calls I always have to wear neckloop and I waste time to respond, 3-4 more months to wait.

My questions:
What would you choose? TV streamer 2 or phone clip+
The TV streamer 2 is enough to differentiate the sound quality between MP3/FLAC/WAV formats? And the latency is noticeable? The website say less than 20ms, if it’s true it’s fine
At € 2200, do you think there are other good hearing-aids options or else, this offer in price-quality is very good for my needs? In Resound, I’m not interested in the automated options they offer in their superior/high ranges.

And happy holidays! :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the forum.

I personally would wait for the aids that don’t use the intermediate device. The Phonak Marvel aids will also do this.

You have come to great place to learn about your hearing loss and hearing aids.

Sharing your audiogram would help us help you.

You may want to consider switching to an iPhone which uses MFi. It offers many more choices in hearing aids that will wirelessly connect to it for phone audio and streaming.

ReSound is a good hearing aid, and I believe it can accept up to 116 dB for input dynamic range. Signia 7Nx (Rexton) is pretty good too. It can accept up to 112 dB and uses 24 bit A/D processing, and has a bandwidth up to 12 kHz. I’m guessing a bit in that you have lower frequency loss, and your high frequency hearing is still good. Or? If you go to the top blue bar on the screen, and at the right end there is a link to enter your audiogram data.

Thank you very much for the reply.
The last HA’s I bought was 7 years ago if I remember correctly and now I have 1 digital in one ear and 1 analog in the another ear (that will be +11 or 12 years old) and in certain situations I get dizzy, not much, but enough that I am not at all comfortable.

About the audiogram I don’t have it sorry, the last that the center did me was my last buy hearing aids, but the person who advised me will do it to me, I will probably have it this week or the next week.

@Sierra , thanks you too for the reply, very informative.
Unfortunately, I never liked Apple as a developer and as a user, I know that other users love them for their simplicity, but for me it’s like cutting my wings in terms of freedom :grin:
I will need to change mobile soon, the android 10 requisite for the ASHA it will not be a problem. The specialist say me about 35-40dB I had in the last audiometries. And yes, I think it’s low frecuency loss, but with a little of high too. Sorry for don’t have the audiogram.

With the exception for the Apple requirement I’m looking at the Signia 7Nx technical characteristics and I’m getting hot just seeing it :laughing:, it has almost everything I like!
The problem it will be very expensive for me possibly.

Thanks both for the help.