Checklist to ensure good experience at Audiologist appointment?

I’ll be visiting an audiologist that was recommended by multiple folks, having had multiple bad experiences with various audiologists in the area (e.g., less than thorough hearing exam in less than 5 minutes, lack of REM tests, poor knowledge of additional programs, lack of knowledge of plugs to plug earmold vents, etc.). This audiologist will also verify any self-programming to ensure it’s within safe parameters

I’d like to ensure that my next appointment covers the necessary steps for a thorough examination as this appointment costs $$$ and requires a significant time investment. What are the key steps one should have in an audiologist appointment checklist?

A) Hearing Exam with the following:

  1. Pure tone testing
  2. Speech testing for SRT levels and Pure Tone testing result confirmation
  3. Speech mapping tests (is this different from #2?)
  4. Real Ear Measurements (REM) tests

B) Request ear plugs to plug/unplug in 0.8mm vents on-demand depending on environment (e.g., noisy room, having a cold, etc.)

C) Check the hearing aids to ensure all is well

D) Perform the new in-situ audiometry tests using Genie Software to confirm (A)'s hearing exam results and programming

E) Decide if tinnitus program is worthwhile having and if so, turned on in default program or not

F) Run feedback analyzer for program of interest if any excess feedback occurs for a given program

G) Inquire about Connect Clip pre-ordering pricing and availability

b) It’s easy to plug up vent holes but not so easy to remove them from what my audi told me. She told me to leave the plug protruding in case I want to take it out then I’d have something to grab on to pull out. Once it’s in flush with the hole, it’s going to be hard to remove. And the place to plug is on the inside opening in the ear canal, so if it’s protruding too much let’s hope it doesn’t touch anything or fall out inside your canal. The bottom line is that it’s not really designed to be plugged/unplugged easily on-demand. It should be a permanent decision once you know what size plug works best for you.

c) Not sure what the audi can really do to check your HA except to look through a magnifier of some sort in the receiver area for wax build up. And maybe check/clean the mic opening, too.

d) From what I can tell in-situ feature has been taken out of Genie 2 but there’s rumour that they may be put back in in an upcoming firmware. Don’t know if this will be in time for your visit though.

e) I think you already have the MiniPro so not sure why you need to consult with an audi on this. If you have tinnitus issues then just turn it on and try it out yourself.

Regarding checking the hearing aids. When I take mine in for routine maintenance, they often use a stethoscope to check for how they sound.

I’ll add that I think how you use the list is key. If there’s something that’s on your list that’s not done, ask if there’s any value in doing it rather than demanding that it be done. You’re going to this person because he/she was highly recommended.

Lastly, I think speech mapping has more to do with REM, but not sure.

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I think hearing aid checking should be hearing aid test equipment to check the electroacoustic data of hearing aids, EQ inp noise, harmonic distortion and OSPL90 HFA etc.

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Any idea how often this is done, or how many providers have the equipment to do it?

Absolutely agree. I hope to make this more of a collaborative effort rather than a demanding type effort. Thanks for the idea about the stethoscope/magnifier to check the HA, plugs permenance, and updated info about in-situ audiometrics.

This is very interesting. What equipment can I reference or suggest when asking the audiologist to check the HA for these factors: EQ inp noise, harmonic distortion, and OSPL90 HFA, etc.?

yes all HA dooms/moulds designed in way that can be removed with removal tools that is available from company i show my audi once to remove my receiver and my mould with tools not be replaceable with just hands… same with dooms tool is like flat tray with curved shape to and one like small screw driver.

Yeah, I’ve seen a Costco HIS do this on my Costco HAs before. But I think it’s just a very basic sanity check to see if the HA is amplifying or not and really nothing more than that like whether it amplifies the correct amount or sound good or anything like that because they don’t have your hearing loss to really know any better anyway. If it’s not amplifying then it’s something you should already know yourself anyway. The only scenario I see it being useful for is if you complain of no or little amplification then they’d use the stethoscope to confirm it. If they hear amplification and you don’t they may check your ear for wax. If they don’t hear it then they’d probably check the HAs for wax build up inside.

I think it’s a little more than sound or no sound. Some sort of eval of sound quality comes into play. When I activated frequency compression in mine, they noticed with the stethoscope and wanted to confirm that they sounded ok to me. I’ve gotten the feel from listening to some others on the forum that somebody who knows what they’re listening for can detect problems. Precise? No, but can probably get an indicator that something isn’t right.

Yeah, I can see that a frequency lowering addition is something obvious to check because they’ll probably hear the “s” and “sh” sound at the much lower frequency than they normally hear. And if you have a ski slope loss then they’d hear a lot of high end amplification from the output. Other than that I doubt if they can detect any further fine tuning than that.

gkumar, you don’t mention the model/make of your current aids, but It sounds as if you’re going in to check the performance of your current aids in addition to get a benchmark test of your hearing. Perhaps the goal is to ensure that your current aids are the optimal model (and tuned correctly) for the best performance.

With that in mind, I’d go for the hearing tests you list (tones, word recognition, REM), and also a specific list of what’s NOT right with your current aids, by program. If you find you need less venting (for gain) that’s one item, but be specific with the issues you’re having with each program on your current aids. Test each one out to see if you need a feedback management or even want less/more aggressive noise management. While I’ve got tinnitus myself, I’ve always found that wearing my aids is the best treatment to keep that constant tone at bay. I trialed a Widex Unique that had a tinnitus program of tones and thought it was just plain goofy!

If you’re asking about the ConnectClip, does that mean you already wear Oticon Opn aids or are considering buying these? I guess I’d also want to run the REM after purchase to see how close the audi’s setting is to the so-called recommended one. Hopefully, your audi is experienced enough to even run the REM test and interpret the results.

Good luck with your app’t & let us know if your issues & goals are addressed.

The equipment name is hearing aids test system.
This equipment is usually used to check for defects in hearing AIDS, such as receiver and microphone performance declined, hearing aid was damp, and the protection of microphone is blocked ect., the testing report can be printed according to the equipment to confirm whether the hearing aid is defective.
But not every audiologist has the equipment in China, just the larger hearing aid sellers are available.
In fact, hearing AIDS need to do the same tests before they leave the factory to see if the hearing AIDS are qualified,

You can see it at 4:10 of this video.

Info on price and release date on the Oticon ConnectClip is not available to anyone yet, sadly.

Yes, sad. With all the bad PR they’ve generated for themselves you’d think they would have just kept quiet until they had a firm date.

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this fonix equipment is available with company only. and not HA dispenser which calculate mpo of hearing aid. and full on gain performance at various level

It’s a little dated, but still fairly relevant. Here’s a talk I did on this:

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I think it IS out now … per the following thread on this board.

Seems to be a vaporware announcement as none of the dealers have it. No adds and audiometrix is a dealer and they don’t have it and don’t know when they’re getting it.

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Yeah they made an announcement but no one at Oticon has a date or price.

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