Cheapest place to buy Noahlink Wireless?

My new KS9 doesn’t support the HiPro2 that I have, so I need a new device.

I see them going for $210 on eBay, is there a lower price available from somewhere else? I’m located in CA, USA and am okay with waiting for international shipping.

I think around $200 is a pretty good price. Somebody just put on the forum classifieds if you want to check that out.

They have been as low as $170 on eBay recently.

Thanks, guess they aren’t quite that low right now - I just grabbed the cheapest one at $210.

Might have been nice to help a fellow forum member.
Easy calculation for exchange. He said a Canadian dollar amount. Multiply that by .75 = 206 -ish in US dollars. Then sure yeah shipping.
Exact exchange fluctuates of course but it seems to be around there.

Not doubting your statement, but my M90-13’s have the connector inside for the High Pro. Is that something else left out by Costco?

The 13 size Marvel aids have the cable connections. The KS9 aids use the 312 battery and must be programmed wirelessly.

I’m watching one for 240 cdn. plus shipping.

Cool. I could look it up, but what kind of connector does the M90-13 use? Pills, Flex strips, direct cable connection? Thanks.

Bet the CS44A cables fit. They have fit most Phonak aids for many years.

I’d agree that CS44A seem likely–can’t imagine Phonak changing that. However what’s it need to connect to the hearing aid? Signia/Rexton is big on battery pills. Oticon likes flex strips. I think some you just plug the cable end in–perhaps that’s what you’re implying? I can look it up later if needed but am curious. Thanks!

Betting a simple plug in like other Phonak aids.

Cool. That really makes the most sense–no sense complicating things with another adapter. If that’s the case, if I get Marvel 70-13Ts, all I’d need to program them would be to make one of this nifty cable converters.

Or buy a set on eBay. I’ve had the angled OEM Phonak cables for over 10 years. Recently bought a set of straight cables for $25-$30 off eBay, easier to connect with some aids.

I am still looking for the steal of a deal on a Noahlink Wireless.

Best I remember, the connector is the same as on both the Venture and Belong series. You can use the Noahlink wireless for firmware updates. I did the change to version 2 on my Marvels with it. It is the only thing you can use for the rechargables.

Hi guys,

I’d like to bring this topic up again.

I am looking (as always) for the best price for a Noahlink wireless for my new Phonak Audeo Lumity HA.
Now, I am in Europe and the cheapest I can get is around 130,- EUR (~140,- USD) including VAT and postage. As a relative is in the states at the moment, I would be interested what the prices would be over there. Is it worth to get it from the states, or do you think the price is okay here in Europe? I checked out ebay US, but it’s not woth getting it from there.


$140 USD seems a reasonable price. But sometimes buyers want to wait for a bargain, maybe a lower price because of a missing/easily replaceable USB cord or similar. You don’t need the other stuff that comes with the Kit. Actually don’t use the USB drive that comes with it because it contains Malware.

Don’t believe that? Read a DIY School PDF file named (Noahlink Wireless - DIY User Guide). Just click any PVC Avatar to find DIY School (and don’t worry) the malware has not caused any harm thus far.

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I agree the price of $140 sounds pretty reasonable, you’ll save that much on your first DIY fitting, getting from EU would be better just for the quicker shipping ; )

Well finally, we agree on something!

We agree on a lot actually, but it gets lost in translation.