Cheapest batteries

Any recommendations on where I can buy the cheapest batteries online or are they just as cheap in Walgreens, Walmart etc? p312s

I buy mine from eBay but Costco is good as well.

Aughlin: You’ve been here since the end of 2014. How about entering your audiogram. You also ought to know the search feature. This question pops up frequently.

Costco $0.17US each. $0.24CDN in Canada. I don’t know where you are.

Amazon Basics are .20 each when they have “open box,” if you aren’t a Costco member.

2 packs each for 10 bucks at CVS! :slight_smile:

Both the Sams Club and Costco over in the hearing aid section have “generic” (Kirkland for Costco, 'Liberty" or some such for Sams) batteries for as cheap as I’ve ever seen them. They also sell branded batteries (duracells usually) witht he normal batteries.

Amazon is a close second. You can get noname for about the same as the above or Duracells for not much more.

I don’t know how many in a “pack,” but generally CVS is high. I’d say 25 cents a battery or so is fair. 50 cents and up is definitely on the high side. If a “pack” is 8, then 16 batteries for $10 is almost 63 cents a battery.

Costco sells them for 17.7 cents per battery for the Kirklands ($8.49 for 48).

Drug stores tend to go around 60-70 cents/.

Cheapest on Amazon is about 23 cents (with free shipping).

Frankly, I don’t go through them that fast to worry about the few cents. I get 8 days on the #13’s (I opted for the larger Resound bodies to get longer life. Amusingly, the battery cost apperas to be the same regardles of the size.

true but that’s how my dad gets them LOL!

Our PowerOne batteries are 28.3 cents at the normal rate and 24.9 cents if you apply the coupon code FORUM at checkout. No tax or shipping in the USA. We can’t beat Costco, but our prices are on par with Amazon, and you’re helping to support the forum. Thanks!


Amazon batteries are good and you get more for your money!!

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Our batteries aren’t the same cost as Amazon basics, but with the coupon our powerone and rayovac prices should be better than Amazon in most cases.