Cheap Hearing Aid Batteries where?

Can you please give me some advice

I bought hearing aids for my mother and need some bats now I was looking to buy in bulk(500) cus probably it’s cheaper
Model 312

Yup Costco. That’s what I use.

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I use 32’s and buy them from Amazon or e-bay, which ever one has the best deal. Sometimes it’s one, sometimes the other.

I got mine from Amazon, but both Costco and Sams has them dirt cheap. Sams Club has Duracels over in the regular battery area but at their hearing aid booth they have some generics cheaper than I’ve seen batteries anywehre.

Or you could support Hearing Tracker forum and buy batteries here: Hearing Aid Batteries - Hearing Aid Forum - Active Hearing Loss Community

Seventeen odd cents per from Costco. Just spending a few minutes looking around ebay, walmart, sams, Costco just kills everyone. Sams and Amazon even had the same thing but more money or add in shipping. But at least with Amazon you wouldn’t need a membership to get in the door.

Yes my fellow canuckians I’m talking USD and US sites.

CVS is awesome too, 2 packs for 10 bucks each!

Sams Club, 40 batteries for $7.50

Costco 48 count 312 HA batteries, $8.39.

I didn’t see that Sams Club price before but yup…Costco kills (just a flesh wound on Sams Club :slight_smile: ).

Usually I get my 13s from CVS only because it’s 10 minutes away on foot I’ve always been able to get rayovacs 16 battery packs for around $2.50-$3 packs of 24 run about $5 with coupons. I look for them to reduce the price usually they run at $15-$28 for double or triple packs reduced to $7-$15 each vist I save those 40%-60% off any item coupon or even $1 off coupons they print with points cards. Then wallah cheap batteries This is the Only time I use coupons so i can purchase my hearing aid batteries. This method means it can be as low as $0.14 cents a battery for me or the highest will be around $0.19 cents.

I agree with many Costco’s is the best deal albiet for me I’ve only been a member a month and not everyone is willing to pay to shop somewhere for a year. I’ll be joining the Costco’s battery buyer ranks in about 2 weeks I chose not to this month as still have 9 batteries left and didn’t want to waste money on a bulk of 13s knowing I’ll be purchasing new hearing aids next week and having to possibly buy a different size battery.

I will say it’s cheaper for me since moving to the states in England I was paying around $1-$1.50 at best per battery and that was a store brand not a name brand similar to the likes of CVS or Walgreens here in the states.

If your a Vet you can get them for free—that’s a tad better than Costco.

I assume you mean a Vet with VA benefits?