Changing wax filters on Oticon BTE's

I have a pair of Oticon Fit Pro’s, these are BTE HA’s with with ear molds. The ear molding is connected to the BTE unit with a piece of clear tubing, and there is a wax filter at the BTE end. Every few months the filter clogs and has to be replaced. For me, that is a 200 mile round trip to the audiologist.

My question is, is this something the wearer can do for himself? I have tried to pull off the tubing to get access to the filter, but it appears to have been heat shrunk. I could cut it off, but then I’d need new tubing, and probably some sort of heating unit to shrink the tubing for a tight fit. Are there kits with filters, tubing, etc? I can’t find any info online.

Advice appreciated.

The tube with the ear mold comes off the hook by just pulling it with a little pressure or you might have to pull and twist it a little bit. I have to take mine off to blow moisture out of the tubes every so often.
To reattach the earmold just push the flexible tube on the ear hook.