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I wanted a new digital aid to replace my ITC analog aid , it is maxed out on volume and I miss a lot of whats going on. Next week I will get a new Phonak tiny micro I believe with a thin tubing into the ear, I’m not sure the exact model as I left that up to them. I hope I made the right choice as I am used to a ITC that I had no problems with. All the talk about this open ear deal seems to be good. I also would like to know if $2,200.00 is high price for 1. There is nothing I can do about that now, I would like to know in any case. I wish I had found this forum sooner. Thanks.

Please post which model of the open fit you ordered.

Most open fit Phonak models will range from around $2,000 to $3,500 depending on model.

The lowest cost open fit would be the Micro Extra and the highest would be the Micro Savia ART CRT.

But $2,200 even for the lowest cost Micro Extra is not a bad price at all.

I’m not a fan of open fit, unless it is necessary. I see too many people getting open fit just because it is the latest trend. It has a very useful place in the market, but when fitted unnecessarily it is not a good idea.

Also I’m not a huge fan of Phonak. They are just okay in my book.

I have tried the CIC and like the BTE open fit better, just wondered why you do not feel they are not a good choice. Also, what aids do you favor? New and curious and in the trying aids stage. :eek: I have a problem hearing speech, especially soft sounds and not completely satisfied, but seem to be getting there. Also, I have the remote and like carrying it in my purse and I can turn the sound down if I want to do so, I thought that was a good thing to have. Appreciate your any feedback. :wink:

I personally love fitting open fit hearing aids and, for the right patient, like using remote controls. Yet, many other audi’s and dispensers prefer fitting CIC’s and think remotes are a thing of the past.

I think if we dispense hearing aids based on the needs of the customer, then we will should be able to choose the right system for each individual.

This is why I prefer not to only dispense one brand, but use many different brands of hearing aids to ensure that we can choose what is in my opinion the best choice for each customer.

I like using products from Sonic Innovations, Phonak and Oticon, as I feel they have the most to offer right now.

If you like remotes, the Oticon Epoc is pretty neat, as it offers remote control capabilities as well as bluetooth capabilities and wireless broadband communication between the two aids. This is something no other manufacturer offers as this time.

Well my issue with BTE open fits is that it seems to be an industry buzz word these days, and as such they seem to be getting pushed a little over-zealously. Now some BTE hearing aids can later be converted to a traditional BTE with regular ear mold, if the hearing gets worse. Whereas some open fit devices can never be converted in this manner. This means that once the loss falls below a certain level, the aid needs to be replaced. Of course, your loss may stay the same for years, who knows what the future holds.

My favorite aids are Starkey/Audibel (same company basically). They have one of the fastest chips of any hearing aid, allowing it to do more processing of the sound than most other aids on the market. They also make an in the ear open fit aid, which is something I’ve not seen elsewhere.

And I am a huge hater of the remote control. One of my patients recently brought in an aid, and the remote was the size of an audio cassette. It was ridiculous.

My belief is that technology is currently at a level where a good hearing aid can intelligently respond to the environment in real time without patient involvement. Remote controls are an added inconvenience and pretty much an admission by the manufacturer that their aids are not smart enough to self adjust adequately in real time.

I think in certin cases a remote can be usfull. For me i have no control over my hearing aid unless i get a remote. So if i want it to stay in a certin program like the music program i would have to get the remote. Also with the remote i can expand the number of programs i have.

You could achieve the same thing with a multi memory button on the aid itself. Very easy to switch programs.

I have no button on my hearing aid so for me a remote is needed if i want the extra stuff

in my experience life learning is a great thing…
the remote control can help to fine tune the instrument if the instrument is a itc or cic with no volume control… So it is worth the cost

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