Changing RIE from Low Power to High Power

I have a pair of GN Resound LINX2 7 hearing aids. I’ve just had a hearing test and there is a big deterioration in my hearing in my right ear. My hearing is now below the threshold for assistance from the low power RIE I have with my HA.

I’ve had a quick browse around and it seems fairly simple to buy and change the RIE from a low power one to a high power one. I will be getting a Noahlink Wirelessdelivered shortly so I can reprogram as well.

Is there anything that might stop me simply changing the RIE to a higher power one? Are there any other implications from changing the power of the RIE?

You’ll likely need a new custom mold. I’m assuming you’re talking about just switching out the receiver and keeping the same hearing aid?

Yes, same HA, stronger receiver.

For the HAs I’ve got there are 4 power options, LP, MP, HP and UP. Only the UP requires a custom old so if I change from LP to MP or HP I should be able to use my existing tulip domes.

Technically maybe so, but I think your right ear would do better with a custom mold.

The MP receiver is strong enough to be heard by people around you if using domes. I tested a pair of Resound Linx Quattro with HP receiver in the right ear and the feedback was terrible. If not using custom mold I would recommend a double dome.

Hi Melvin

Thanks for the reply. By a ‘double dome’ do you mean something similar to a power dome?


Interesting my original audiologist a week earlier than I had my latest hearing test (elsewhere) did a quick beep test through my HAs with the resound software and didn’t notice and deterioration in my hearing or problem with my right ear. One of the reasons I’m looking at self programming!

I guess it’s the power dome @zebra1922
Signia refers to it as “double click dome”. This picture is from a pair of Phonak Marvel I was using. The right one have the double/power dome using a P receiver.

Yep, they’re what I know, or Resound call, a power dome. Still got some around somewhere so if I get a feedback issue I’ll give them a go. Thanks for the advice.