Changing from an open dome, to a power dome, how does it sound?

I’ve just programming some Phonak aids (bought new on eBay) for my Dad’s partner.

She’s currently wearing quite old Siemens with open domes but her hearing has got worse and Phonak Target Software is recommending a closed dome on her right and a power dome on her left.

Has anyone gone from a open dome to a power dome before?

Is there anything on the software that would help her cope better with a power dome especially her own voice?

EDIT - also the power domes seem to be larger as well. She currently wears small open domes so not sure a power dome would fit?

The double or power domes tend to be firmer than open domes. Because of this the next smaller power dome size might be more comfortable.

The own voice issue can be helped by lowering the gain a dB in the lower frequencies. This has worked well for me.

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The smallest power dome is 1mm smaller then the largest closed or open dome.

Not sure why Phonak have done the domes like that tho.

I’ll have a play around with the low frequencies.


Pending on the aids there might be an occlusion setting in global tuning. That should also work for own voice.


Yes I have. The main thing to consider are there size and venting. I went to a 2 x based from open. The biggest problem was getting use to the hearing of my own vice. It can be adjusted for but it took time to get use to it it does increase the power of the sound you will hear. I don’t use them anymore as my hearing has gotten to a point where I need a custom ear molds. It was a big jump in power in what I heard. Good luck with them.

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