Changing ears


I have more serious loss in my left ear–the ear that I lost the HA for. Mine are Costco Signature 6’s, behind the ear. A trip to Costco is a big deal–3+ hours round trip, so reprogramming the right one isn’t going to happen for a while. I started wearing the right one in the left ear, manipulating the plastic line to twist it into my left ear. While I suspect the programming is not perfect, it makes a huge difference from wearing it in the right ear and nothing in the left. I am pretty satisfied, although when it is convenient I will have it programmed. In the meantime–this is my question–what can I do to the “tube” to reverse it to fit my left ear. I think warming it might be risky.



Still, when I had my Bernafon Chronos 9 BTE’s they came with spiraflex: The flexible tube that is fitted with a dome or a custom mold. At one point I ran out of 2L-spiraflexes, so I had to use the 2R-spiraflexes.

If you heat them with a hear dryer, it takes forever. So I used my paint stripper heat gun on it’s 2nd lowest setting. The problem is that if you heat them, the tube will collapse. (This is the risk you suspected.) Luckily my audiologist had given me a mock hearing aid with a iron wire. Very nice: You bent it in the shape that you want, heat it and let it cool and it remains in the shape you want.

However, the wire was too thin, so some part of the tube wall was a bit flattened. I measured the inner diameter of the tube, got wire with the same diameter and it worked.

So my advise: Get an iron wire that fits into the tube with as little wiggle room as possible. Make a large hook to hang it on your ear and fit it in until it sits comfortable. Then heat it. If you don’t have heat gun: Use an oven, start at low temperatures and work your way up slowly, until the plastic becomes flexible. You don’t want it to melt!