Changing between Bluetooth programs on Seimens Pure 300

Hello hearing aid gurus,

Background: 2 x Seimens Pure 300 with miniTek. Cannot find a way to switch between Bluetooth programs.

I want to have:
Program 1 = Normal hearing setting.
Program 2 = miniTek streaming only, microphone on aids are turned off
Program 3 = miniTek streaming and aid microphones both at equal volumes.

Reason for Program 2 (P2)- I commute to work. On the train I sometimes watch movies/TV episodes on my laptop or listen to music using the transmitter and miniTek. When I’m at the gym I stream music from my phone via the miniTek without the transmitter. In this situation I also don’t want to hear background noise. This is why I want a miniTek only program.

Reason for Program 3 (P3) - Sometimes when I’m out running I want to be able to hear music from my phone/miniTek and the traffic of the road or fellow runners. When I watch movies I want to hear my movie loudly through the transmitter and miniTek, but also hear my wife/friends talking/commenting/laughing during the movie.

Problem (short version): Given two Bluetooth programs on P2 and P3, how do program the aids so that I select between them using the miniTek or the push button on the aids?

Problem (long version): So far my Audiologist has not been able to program my hearing aids to the settings I described in Background.

In Noah/Connexx I have got my Audiologist to put the hearing aids as:
P2 = miniTek/Transmitter with Tek only, at max dB
P3 = miniTek/Transmitter with Tek + microphone, both at equal dB.

From trying various things I’ve found that the ‘P’ button on the miniTek and the on/off/program select button on the Pure hearing aids seems to only only switch between different hearing settings. The programs that use Bluetooth (P2, and P3) can only be selected when a Bluetooth device is paired up and linked to the hearing aids via pushing the Audio Source button on the miniTek (button #4 on pg. 4 of the miniTek user manual)

Both P2 and P3 are Bluetooth programs and both programs need to work with the miniTek. I think the problem is that I cannot switch between P2 and P3 because, by default, the miniTek only pulls the hearing aids into P2. I want to know how to get the miniTek to get the hearing aids into P3.

My audiologist called Seimens and the representative said I had to push the Audio Source button (Button #4 on pg. 4 of the miniTek user manual) on the miniTek twice when I was in P2 to go into P3. I tried it and it didn’t work… It simply changes between sourcing audio from the transmitter to my phone which I believe is what it is supposed to do. My understanding is that the Audio Source button is not meant to change between programs… I believe it only changes where the miniTek gets it’s wireless audio feed from.

So my questions are:

  1. Given two Bluetooth programs on P2 and P3, can the aids be programmed so that I can select between P2 and P3 using the miniTek or the push button on the aids?

  2. Is there an alternative that I can do to still get what I want? So far my undesirable alternatives are:

  • Carry around two pairs of differently programmed hearing aids and switch between them. One pair has P2 and the other P3. Use the appropriate pair according to my needs.

  • Cut my losses and just have P3. Take my hearing aids out and put earphones/earbuds (sigh…) in instead of trying to have both programs on one set of hearing aids.

Thank you to anyone who has managed to read this far down, and even more so if you are able to offer some helpful suggestions.



I have 701’s so your mileage may very but position 2 is reserved for BT phone. I can use either my minitek or my left aid button to change programs. I can use either my minitek and right aid button to change volume. all programmable in the software.

here starting about page 23 are screen shots of setting mic’s and programs.

bounce around through these PDFs and learn everything you ever wanted to know and more about the miniTek

btw, your guy should have a direct number to Siemens tech support (real time) if he needs help.

Thank you for your response IMBack,

I was not able to open your second link.

From your first link on pg. 23. what is the difference between using the “Bluetooth Phone” and “Tek” for the Input Mode.

My understanding is that the phone can only communicate with the hearing aids via the miniTek. Is this suggesting that I can communicate with my aids from my phone directly?

This could offer me a solution…



both links work for me…

what it’s showing is a couple of examples… BT Phone will always be position 2 but it does communicate via the mini. the one beside that that says Tek (or could have picked minitek, or whatever) whatever position/program you are doing will have that option and at the bottom of the screen you can see mic off or on and how open to have the mic. they need to have the aids and the mintek connected when doing the programming.

looking at your ‘wants’ do you not use a BT phone?

using your phone as an mp3 player is different then using your phone as a phone.

V11 6/2011
miniTek® Wireless Enhancement System
Quick Programming Guide
Siemens miniTek® Wireless Enhancement System is an all-in-one, plug-and-play Bluetooth® wireless
technology system. miniTek allows the wearer to connect with a variety of external audio sources and
hear in true stereo sound using select Siemens hearing instruments with e2e wireless® 2.0.
Programming Hearing Instruments and miniTek Remote Control
Remember - Charge miniTek before programming & the Transmitter before giving to wearer!

  1. Connect miniTek to the computer (PC) via the USB to mini-USB programming cable.
     miniTek can be on or off for programming.
  2. Detect hearing instruments and perform First Fit™ via CONNEXX® programming software.
  3. When the Wireless Settings and Accessories screen populates, place a check mark in small box
    labeled “miniTek (inactive)”. Screen will then display “miniTek (active)”.
     Please note that FirstFit must be completed prior to adding a second transmitter.
  4. Click “OK” to program selected settings into miniTek. miniTek must be connected to your PC via
    the USB programming cable for proper operation or an error message will occur.
     The Wireless Settings and Accessories icon turns amber in CONNEXX whenever the
    miniTek needs to be connected to the PC and programmed.
     The icon turns grey when programming is completed.
     Programming the miniTek can wait until the end of the programming session.
     miniTek will be automatically turned off when disconnected from programming cable.
  5. CONNEXX Program Suggestions:
    P1 = Universal
    P2 = Bluetooth Phone – Recommend default setting of Bluetooth phone + mic input mode with
    “Accessible manually* deselected
    P3 = Tek/miniTek (Audio/TV) – Recommend default setting of Tek + mic input mode with
    “Accessible manually* deselected. This program is used for Line-in, Transmitter 1 & 2,
    and 3rd party Bluetooth devices.
    P4 = *
    P5 = *
  • In P4 and/or P5 consider adding SpeechFocus™, Music, miniTek Telecoil, miniTek FM, or one of
    the other listening programs available in CONNEXX based upon wearer needs.
    Remember: The Bluetooth Phone program can only be enabled in P2. The Tek/miniTek (Audio/TV),
    miniTek FM, and miniTek Telecoil programs can be enabled in P2 – P5.
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here’s what I think you want…

  1. Universal.
  2. BT Phone, (this will not be select-able via the mini, mormally) when you receive a call it will over-ride whatever program you are on (assuming your phone is paired) mics on or off your choice)
  3. Tek/miniTek, with mics off (accessible manually* deselected - so the small button upper right works on your minitek)
  4. Tek/miniTek, with mics off (Accessible manually* selected)
  5. Tek/miniTek, with mics on (Accessible manually* selected)

not sure about having the same device selected in 3, 4, & 5…

I have…

  1. normal
  2. bt phone, no mic
  3. miniTek, with the mics slightly open. this allows me TVLink, PC BT, MP3 BT…

I tried noise/crowd, music, etc in slots 4 and 5 but program 1 handles everything fine so removed them.

What would checking or selecting “Accessible Manually” setting change? Would this force the aids to change program and prevent the Audio Source button on the miniTek to stop dictating the program selection?

Perhaps I should try this! It would be fine if I just have work out what program I need to be in to get this to work.

We are having the most difficulty knowing what settings to give the hearing instruments to get the result that what I want. Successfully programming the aids/minitek using the Hi-Pro and Noah/Connexx is not really the issue. Sorry if this was not clear.



Fantastic I think I know what needs to happen. I dont use my miniTek for answering phone calls so I can sacrifice BT Phone and have all programs manually selectable.

Thanks so much IMBack! I greatly appreciate your help.

I will let you know how I go.



you might want to go to the Siemens site and READ the Connexx manual and updates and read the Tel/miniTek manuals.

if this is the best you or your AD can do you really should hire or find another AD.

I wasn’t able to find a detailed Connexx User Manual. If one exists I would love to know where I can download it to READ.

goggle is your friend…

Connexx 6.4 – User manual
Table of contents
Connexx 6.4 – Special Features … … 1
Real Time Display … … 1
Hearing Loss Simulator… …2
Updated Fitting Strategies… …2
Open Optimizer … …2
Customizable First Fit … …2
AutoFit – In-Situ function with Unity2* … 3
SoundLearning 2.0 … … 3
Start Connexx … … 4
How to start Connexx in stand-alone mode … 4
Client Register … … 4
Create a new client … … 4
Change client data … …5
Delete client data… …5
Load client data … …5
Search client data… …5
Session list… …6
Start Connexx from NOAH … …6
Screen Setup … … 6
Tool Bar … … 7
Workspace – Pages… … 7
Audiogram… … . 7
Hearing Instruments… … 7
Filtering options… … 8
Hearing Instrument Selection … … 8
Fitting Range … …9
Technical Data … …9
Illustration… …9
Demo … …9
Fitting Options… …10
Start a new fitting … …10
Wireless Settings… …10
First Fit Approach… …11
Fitting Method… …11
Acoustical Parameters … …11
Critical Gain Measurement… …11
Basic Tuning… …12
Fine Tuning: Frequency Shaping… …12
Fine Tuning: Compression… …12
“show kneepoints”… …13
“show gain controls” … …13
Fine Tuning: Sound Management… …13
Fine Tuning: Microphone / Bluetooth… …13
Fine Tuning: Instrument Settings … .13
Hearing Loss Simulator… …14
Hearing Loss Simulator: Functional Details …14
Documentation… …14
Expert Knowledge… … …15
Hearing Instruments Selection Page… …15
Wireless Settings and Accessories … …16
Tek Connect / Remote Control … …16
Activating Tek … …16
Using Tek… …17
Using Bluetooth™ enabled Phones …1 7
ProPocket… …18
ePen… …18
e2e Wireless – Volume Control Coupling…18
Wireless address… …18
ePocket… …19
Properties … …19
Configure presets… …19
Display hidden content… …19
Individualized FirstFit … …20
ConnexxFit … …20
ConnexxFit – OPEN … …20
Traditional Formulas: NAL-NL and DSL… …21
DSL I/O: Desired Sensation Level input/output…21
NAL-NL1: National Acoustic Laboratories – Nonlinear 1…21
DSLv5: DSL mI/O (DSL vers.5 =multi-stage)…21
NAL-NL2: National Acoustic Laboratories – Nonlinear 2…21
Comparison of different fitting strategies …21
OPEN, NAL-NL1, DSL and ConnexxFit… …21
Curve Display… …23
Test Settings for Test Box and In-situ Measurements …23
AutoFit – In-Situ Fitting … …23
Speech and Noise Management … …24
SoundSmoothing… …24
eWindScreen … …25
SoundBrilliance … …25
FeedbackBlocker™ / FeedbackStopper™… …26
Open Optimizer … …26
Quick access … …27
Volume and SoundBalance Control… …27
Data Logging / DataLearning / SoundLearning™ / SoundLearning™ 2.0
… … …28
Learning and Logging… …28
Data Logging … …28
DataLearning … …28
SoundLearning… …29
SoundLearning 2.0… …29
SoundLearning and DataLearning: …29

  • Use Cases - … …29
    Tinnitus Masker … …30
    Noise… …30
    Mixed … …31

Hi IMBack,

Like most people who first try to find anything on the internet, I tried to see if google would give me some decent hits. Unfortunately I’m still not able to find much on the internet for Connexx. Aside from a 12 page brochure and a 7 page flyer with a few screen shots here. Nothing to the likes of that table of contents you posted anyhow.

Is there some secret key word you are searching for?

Perhaps someone would be so kind not to dangle a carrot.



As I only have three programs I rather not have one dedicated to phone answering unless it solves my problems by having the Phone/BT in P2 and miniTek only in P3.


Had them reprogrammed today. It appeared to work at the audiologist. Trouble was once I left, some of the problem persisted.

I can now get my miniTek to change programs and I can change programs using the push button. I hear a single beep for P1, two beeps for P2 and three beeps for P3 which was not happening previously without “Accessible Manually” checked.

The problem now is that when I put my aids into P3 and then push Audio Source on the miniTek the aids jump back into P2!?!?! The problem is with both my phone and the transmitter.

For some reason when I’m wired in to the computer the aids work fine and a Bluetooth audio source can be selected when in P3. Once I’m disconnected from the computer and the aids have to think for themselves they get it wrong and jump into P2.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Is there some combination of Phone/miniTek/microphone option (I don’t have a Connexx user manual so I don’t know what these options are) that could get me me desired result?



what is your audio source your phone?

did you get a copy of the fitting summary? what device is defined for prog 2 and prog 3

I assume they had to miniTek connected and saved the changes to it before exiting Connexx?

I asked for a copy and a print out of my hearing summary but they didn’t have a printer hooked up to the computer. I am getting them to hook one up so that I can get a hard copy of the settings the aids were given when programmed.

The device for P2 is miniTek, device for P3 is miniTek.

The miniTek was connected when programmed.

What I would give for a copy of Connexx and a HiPro and be allowed to program these aids myself… Has any hearing service provider ever taken the initiative to let us program our own Siemens hearing aids? I really just want to come in and make my own changes? All I want is to pay for is access to the machine and equipment and my time spent on it. I will gladly teach myself how to use the software. All my audiologist (including the Siemens rep) does is push the buttons I tell them to anyway. And yet, she is the one who’s been given the hearing specialist license to do it and I have to pay her to do it. It would be so great if I could just cut out the middle man…



What I would give for a copy of Connexx and a HiPro and be allowed to program these aids myself


Call Phillip at 877-577-4327.

Connexx and ConnexxLink are not cheap but like you, I wanted to be able to make adjustments myself.

I’m not sorry, to say the least.


there is a gentlemen on here who will be along to give you a link to someone who sells the ConnexxLink I believe I was offered it at $499. I’m guessing he also has the software from our conversation. I was also offered a very early version to Connexx for $50 and was told I could then simply go to Siemens web and upgrade it. It sounds like you are close. Did they AD sell you these aids or is he just programming them for you? this is basic setup stuff. The link I gave you earlier gives you everything you need to know to setup the aids.

pm me your email address and I will send you the PDF for Connexx and the miniTek. Mine may be a little outdated as they have added another fitting XCEL.

I can’t get either one of the links open. I’m getting new Nitro 301 hearing aids and want to know the different setting to make.