Change in tinnitus


I’ve had tinnitus in both ears for years. Mine generally sounds like cicadas (insects) in the summer, rather than like a tone. In the last few weeks the tinnitus in my right ear has changed.

In addition to the cicadas, which are still there, there’s a new sound that’s intermittently present. It’s hard to describe, but maybe it sounds like change (coins) or keys rattling together but higher in pitch. Maybe like broken glass falling. Usually I hear individual “tinkles” that occur randomly anywhere from a second apart down to a small fraction of a second apart, though sometimes they sound almost continuous. And sometimes I don’t hear it at all. But this is definitely new.

I have had a mild upper respiratory problem since mid-December that’s almost gone now. In December, my GP doc told me I had a slight inflammation in my right ear. In January, my ENT could not detect any inflammation there. It is during that period that I first noticed this new sound in my right ear, but I can’t say for sure that it wasn’t there before. It is still present and hasn’t changed noticeably.

So, has anyone else experienced this kind of tinnitus change? Any comments?




Yes I have several different sounds that are always there and in the last few years I started getting the cicadas and couple of other different sounds that go away after a day or two. I’m not sure what triggers the additional sounds yet, but I’m thinking it caused by stress.




Here’s a Link to how it works for me. I think for others too.



Haha. That is the method I use most of the time. I’m probable not aware of my tinnitus 80-90% of the time.

I’ve had this for 21 years and I’ve notice the volume go up in the last few years. There was a time I could drown out my tinnitus in the shower.

I’m noticing it more in the last couple of weeks because of hearing aid research and fittings.



You!! are making mine come back. Hahahaha. I’m gonna go do something else.

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Boo! Tinnitus! hahaha :slight_smile:
But seriously…my 24/7/365 tinnitus is on the perceiving border of being either a high hiss to being a high tone. Somewhere in that realm. I can’t quite discern the difference. On the odd occasion I’ll get a lower tone come on (still with the high hiss) and then it just seems to go away for some unknown reason. Whether that’s due to being conscious of it or that it just goes away I can’t say.

Suffering tinnitus and being kinda musically inclined I’m kinda relieved that it’s not rhythmic. Some site somewhere has samples of what people say their tinnitus sounds like and wow…I. Am. Sorry.



I have had tinnitus for almost 50 years now. Mostly, it is a constant background sound, kind of a hiss, but not exactly. Sometimes, it will suddenly become a pure tone. Usually around 700 to 1000 Hz. This usually goes away pretty quickly. Sometimes, it becomes a variety of sounds, like crickets, or some frequency above what I can actually hear pulsing with my heartbeat. I have had it so long, I honestly don’t know how I would react if it suddenly went away.