Change Batteries Together

Does everyone change batteries at the same time? I just got the Phonak V90 and each ear gives a separate tone when the battery needs replacing.

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When one starts to go, I change both batteries.

Change them both and be done with it .

Batteries are relatively cheap. I change both every Sunday when I refill my vitamin/supplement/prescription pill holder for the week.

I change both of mine at the same time when one of them beeps at me. I do take the batteries out at night when I put the HA’s in the dehumidifier and I switch them right to left, etc. every morning. This way they seem to both run down about the same time. For some reason my right HA will run the batteries down a bit faster than the left if I don’t switch them.

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I change both batteries whenever one of the aids signals that it is low. The other aid will begin signaling that it is also low within an hour, so I just change both.

Only change them when the HA beeps.

At first I changed them separately but learnt that the left always went first followed by the right several hours later. Now I just change them both when the first one goes. I also take the batteries out at night, before using the dryer and switch them to the other side in the morning to even out the wear. Batteries are cheap and it is better to change them when convenient at the same time so you are inconvenienced less. I get about 8 days out of my 312 batteries.

I change my Batteries every Sunday morning. Before that I was changing both batteries when one started beeping.