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I have never worn Phonak hearing aids, but the Virto Black really sounds interesting to me.

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Stay tuned Dr Cliff’s going to cover it soon. I will post his video when it’s live. Here’s his teaser:

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Oh I will be looking for it I have watch all of his videos over the last month

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I wonder if the Phonak Virto M Black will be available at the VA come June, when I will be choosing my next hearing aids.

Do these aids have more gain than the aids you are using now.

Here is one I have not seen posted here from a couple days ago. (PSAP not true HA)

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Not sure but they do say they are for severe hearing loss. My worse is right on the line of severe and moderately severe right now and that is at 2K hz. It is just something to talk over with my Audi the first of June. He has already made it clear he wants to get me some thing that is new an up to date.

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Looks like somebody copied the now obsolete Bose Sleepbuds. Sleepbuds failed due to battery issues related to their silver-zinc batteries. But li-ion didn’t have the density necessary for the small buds. Amazfit is promoting a “micro” li-ion version in their new ZenBuds. It will be interesting to see if their batteries do indeed last 8 hours and promise more reliability than Bose.

Having it tech black to make it attractive and avoid stigma is good idea, I’m all for it! My new RIC aids are flat black.

This device would be a help in those situations when the hearing aid programs just don’t cut it- like a noisy party or dinner. To bad it is a separate device and I wonder how much it would cost.

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A more in-depth review above and price?

Thanks for sharing this @FrankS! I will look into it further.

Added the link to my original post above, but also wanted to share in a new post so no one misses it:

Here’s Dave’s CES2020 wrap up!