Centras' on order

Well after much debate on my part and tons of reading I have ordered the Centra half shells with remote and directional mics. This is why I chose these.

  1. Top of the line in anyones aids are pretty comparible it would seem. Centras seem to be the best available aid for me locally. It is first choice by two audi’s here and it has all the features I wanted. Phonaks are 70 miles away.
  2. She wanted me in BTE but I sweat heavily when doing much activity so I was afraid of moisture problems. I have worn on the ear types for 25 yrs. so no problem with that style and with directional mics I had to get bigger aids for the mics. Also my lose is to high for open fit
  3. She is most comfortable with Siemens and we all know the importance of fitter comfort level with the programming. She said she had ok success with Phonak so that was my warning flag.
  4. Here is a key that sealed the deal for me. With the volume of Seimens she sells. I can get my aids and remote with fitting and adjustments for NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE! My work insurance allowances is enough to cover everything. That would not be the case with Phonaks from all the checking we did here.
    So when I get them in and start wearing them I will get on here and compare them to what I have always known as good hearing out of the aids I have always worn. It will still be a couple weeks until I get them.

Glad to hear you have found a good solution, especially if insurance covers it all.

The pricing on Siemens have been super aggresive so it is good that the audi was able to pass the savings on to you.

The Centra’s are good aids too and the half/shell route is better if you sweat a lot.

Let us know how it goes.

I only hope they are a good as my first choice that proved to be very hard to get aroung here. I think I might have liked the Savias very well but they are very hard to find with an experienced fitter. If all the reading materials and opinions are correst I think I will be Ok. I just wish I had them already. I am tired of waiting to see what I have. Will fill you in later.