Censorship Of Threads?

Is there a policy of “CENSORSHIP” on Hearing Aid Forums, I refer to the closing of the “Obscene Hearing Aid Profits!!!” I have never came across a closed thread before on this forum (there may be others?) I was wondering why it had been closed for no apparent reason I could see? Could someone or perhaps Admin may enlighten us please? Apart from the Pro’s on here not being happy as some of them kept on trying to bring it to a halt, by trying to wind the thread up…Must be the bad publicity???

Yes, debate does get a wee bit heated now and then, tis the same the world over and as for myself, I always try to keep things civil… Personally, I have only just begun, so please expect another hyperbole imminently:D

I have PM’d Admin to inquire and await a reply.

Kind regards, Cheers Kev:D

I have seen debates such as the “obscene hearing profits” one on every forum I belong to. When things get out of hand (drifting from the original subject matter)(taking personal shots at others)a warning is given by the list owner, if everyone plays nice things go on. Although this thread has in some ways beaten a dead horse so to speak it has remained civil. Why after nearly a month for no apparent reason has a thread been shut down without warning.

I think it was past time to shut it down. Nobody was changing their opinions or beliefs and were just beating a dead horse over and over. It was about time someone stepped in and shut the thread down.

The dead horse sure got lots of attention:D

I think it was past time to shut it down. Nobody was changing their opinions or beliefs and were just beating a dead horse over and over. It was about time someone stepped in and shut the thread down.

It ended up having a life of it’s own and now everybody’s sad it’s gone. Not me!

I cannot speak for Kev, but I’m not sad at all. I’m disappointed in the transparent (or so it seems) way things were handled with regards to the OP.
Reminds me of how govt works, always working from behind never addressing the real problem head on.

And yet, we are still overrun with SPAM postings. I have tried asking about it, but get no response.

I thought MarkHill was going to help moderate the forum. He appears MIA too.


I’m with you. The thread was interesting, lots of people kept reading it and contributing. It seems ridiculous to censor it simply because some people don’t want to continue talking about it.

No one is forcing people to read a thread they don’t want to, so forcing people to stop talking out of the blue like that seems anti-free speech and unnecessarily draconian.

But hey, not my call. For what it’s worth I believe that you started an interesting debate that uncovered a lot of interesting facts, along with the usual hyperbole. As an industry professional, I have nothing to hide. I am more than willing to discuss this stuff and present my opinion. People can take it or leave it.

Let’s hope that this trend of censorship does not continue, because that is the beginning of the end for boards like this. I’d rather see a focus on killing spammers rather than legitimate and industry relevant discussion.


Hi Folks

I have been a Member/ Moderator & Admin on other forums and I have never seen a thread cut like that? Yeah, I have seen threads cut for flaming or downright inappropriate language! I have never actually closed a thread in my life as a PM to any member was usually suffice to curtail their train of thought and bring them back into a more reasonable frame of mind!:smiley: But, I don’t think I saw any of that on the thread in question, so it would seem someone closed it for 4 reasons I can think of; (1) They closed it just because they can? (2) They closed it because it was becoming repetitive/boring? (3) They closed it because, they did not like how the hearing industry was being portrayed and they did not like what they were reading? And lastly (4) the most sinister of all, someone put pressure on them to close it… it might be getting too near the bone? None of the 4 above reasons are IMHO a reasonable excuse to close a thread and after my years of experience as an Admin and a Mod the last thing you want is to cut a thread that everyone is reading, with many members giving their 2 cents worth in a fairly civil manner, these types of threads are the lifeblood of forums such as this! There is as far as I am aware still room in this world for free thinking and free speech? And yes, we will not always agree, but as long as it is a constructive and civil argument, then I have to ask, where is the harm?

If you sell a product to the general public and if the product or service is in any way faulty, then be prepared to take some flak until these problems are rectified… The Hearing Industry is in many ways flawed, yet within it it has many virtues and some absolutely wonderful professionals people, many of whom frequent this site! But as with any industry, you take the praise when it is given and the bad publicity on the chin, you can then move forward armed with the knowledge of how to put it right… The Status Quo is not an option!

Cheers Kev:D

PS, many thanks for the backup troops:D

I believe mine was the last post before curtains.

One has to assume the posts were cutting to the bone.

My last post was comparing the Medical Doctors who sell no merchandise to the hearing aid professionals who in effect write a prescription and then sell the prescribed item. I said that system was basically flawed because being human hearing pro’s would tend to prescribe a profitable model and brand.

Not every pro but from my personal experience, most will justify the high profit model in their mind for some reason or the other even perhaps a bogus reason.

Damnit, they are just like every one else…they respond perhaps unconscously (sp) to economics. Ed

Update: MarkHill never was able to make contact to become a moderator. He is as frustrated as we are with the SPAM here.

I’m not sure how the flagging works on the HA Forum, but I was told on Craigslist so many people have to flag the add before anything is done; however, on CL if the add gets flagged something like 5 times within the first 30 minutes it is automatically removed with no moderator intervention. Perhaps we should find out if the HA Forum works in a similar way.

I thought flagging sent a PM to the moderator. I think that is how it works on some other vBulletin boards. That may be a configurable item, though.

My experience over the years, on this forum, is that the moderator has a pretty liberal policy, with very little intervention. He or she or they, pretty much leave the threads alone and let them go where they may. When I first saw the thread posted I decided to ignore it because the subject matter had pretty much been gone over in the past and it sounded like a thread where people could vent. Do I think aids are overpriced, of course, but do I think venting will make a difference. Well it certainly hasn’t with the oil companies. Although I haven’t read the post my guess is that the moderator felt that the thread had run it’s course. Like I said before I have been on other forums where moderators are constantly stepping in. I appreciate the fact that this forum is almost hands off.

Ed, you are right,

I am an audiologist and I know that the prices on hearing aids are where they are because people will pay it,

But Ed, doesn’t EVERYONE do that,???

I just saw an AARP tv ad that showed a guy telling politicians not to cut SS or Medicare benefits because he and 50,000,000 seniors vote. Here the country is 14 trillion dollars in the hole and the seniors are doing what everyone else is doing ( inc audiologists Ed ),they want everyone else to pay for our mess, but not them

The sad part of $4,000-$6,000 hearing aids is that such a high price is just beyond the income level of so many seniors. And the way aids are sold is a hassle for so many elderly.

There is a simple low cost answer. It ain’t pretty or perfect but allowing mass produced aids to be mass retailed in local stores (with simple fitting capability) would help millions of the HOH not being addressed by the present industry model.

Note: The low cost technology exists to allow self fitting…not perfect but better than nothing. Ed

Aaaaannnddd…we’re back to this again.

  1. Yes, hearing aids are expensive. Many seniors don’t need hearing aids that cost $4,000 - $6,000…some do.

  2. As for the system being unfriendly to seniors…thank the AMA lobbyists for that. Audiologists have been trying for a couple years to eliminate some of the hoops medicare patients have to jump through in order to be seen for a hearing test so they could get hearing aids if they needed them. If the AMA would stop lobbying the government to keep those people on medicare from having to see an ENT or physician to obtain a hearing test and have it be covered under their insurance then that would remove one of the hurdles and make it less hassle. The AAO-HNS docs don’t want to lose that smidgen of revenue by seeing those patients so they insist that they have to see an ENT first. So the fed govt still insists on a physician referral even though less than 10-15% of people have medically treatable hearing loss…so 85-90% of the time an ENT is going to say “you need a hearing aid” or potentially grab the patient for some additional procedure to perform on them.

  3. It has been pointed out, repeatedly, that simply lowering the cost will not result in a flood of people to go out any buy hearing aids. Also, the professionals on the board have stated over and over what we experience every day when it comes to what patients want and self-programmable OTC hearing aids is not it for the vast majority of people. It seems, however, that you still want to cling to this idea that just making them less expensive and easier to get would solve a majority of the problems when, in fact, it won’t. That doesn’t seem to matter though…it keeps coming up…

This argument of self-programmable/cheap/OTC hearing aids being this magical solution is getting really old. You won’t ever change your mind…just like the professionals won’t change theirs. That is probably why the original thread was closed. it’s not about not wanting the discussion to continue for fear that “professionals didn’t like how it was going”… It had started to descend into a little bit of name-calling and it was obvious that the argument was just going around and around - getting no where.

Maybe we should all just agree to disagree on this point and get back to actually trying to help people…

Wouldn’t it be easier then to just not reply?

Yes I guess it would.

Thanks for pointing that out…I’ll make sure to keep my opinions to myself from now on.

Silly me.

Lurking is no fun, you could be mistaken for a peeping tom:D