Censorgram versus audiogram

Hi… could some one explain to me why my audiogram reads completely different to a censorgram I had to day… As some of ye are aware I purchased the new widex clear fusion 2 weeks ago…

I’m afraid ive had alot of problems with circuit , sound … so to day my audio did a censorgram and discovered that I had 20db more hearing then my audiogram had shown…
high power amplifer was removed and replaced with a low power…
Sound stil not quiet right… whistleing in left ear, sound alot softer but a bit to low… So this brings me back to my original question why such a difference between the two reading (A big difference) :mad:


L 30 50 80 80 70 70 65
R 25 45 75 80 65 65 65

Are you sure you had a censorgram?

Censorgrams is not a word that appears in my experience.

Not even in my Acoustical Engineering text books.

Normally most pro fitters use the audiogram as their starting point. Ed :eek:

My apolgies…
Spelt SENSOGRAM wrong , hope i did’nt offend you too much…or your tex books…

But thanks u ve been a great help…


Francis, Ed ask for clarification so that maybe he could help you. He took the time to go through his books to try to understand what it was you were talking about. You’re the one who misspelled it. So why the attitude?

HI … I certainly did’nt mean or want to offend any 1, But in al fairness I was lookin for help… I think any 1 who knows more then me which is very little and was willing to answer my question , would have answered my question alot better …(censorgram .Sensorgram) If you have knowledge of audiogram or sensogram… It could have been explained alot better to .
And yes I did misspelled it. because I only ever heard the word true deaf ears .

My apolgies

The Sensogram is an in-situ measure which takes account of the way your ear canal actually works in affecting the sound you hear. The gain of the aid is modified as a result.

I can’t believe they even attempted to set up your aid without doing it as part of the initial fitting, without at least using something as basic as that there would be no optimised gain target - here we’d use Real Ear Measurement to verify the fit afterwards too.

Have they fitted Widex aids before?