Cell vs. Landline Phones, am I the only one?

Ok, just so you know I where BTE hearing aids. I want to know if anyone feels the same way about this.

I feel like I hear better on a cell phone than a typical landline. If I use a landline I have to have an amplification device hooked up. With my cell, I feel like the person sounds much more closer to me. .

Does anyone have this same experience.

P.S. our landline is VErizon and my cell phone is sprint. I use a flip phone.

Everyone says, Cells have worse sound quality than landlines. Maybe landlines are clearer but they person on the end sound more far away than when I use my cell phone.

You are not alone.

I hear much better on my LG Rumor than any land line.

I was having a very difficult hearing on my landline. My cordless phone has speaker capability so I started to use the speaker and it has really helped! Everyone I talk to says that it doesn’t sound like I’m using a speaker phone - sounds normal.

It has to do with the phone(s) being HA (M & T) compatible. Here’s a link that explains it.

HA’s and Phone Compatibility.

Shi-Ku (Who’s HA’s and PanTech Breeze C-Phone is M & T compatible.) Chishiki

I have spent way too much on land line phones and what I have found is that the cheap V-Tech phones work great and sound great!..

My wife bought some expensive Panasonic phones and we took them back the same day.

One problem is that if you have wireless in your house than that can interfere with your land line wireless. Also if you are like me and have a lot of electronics that too can cause issues…

The one thing I love about my V-Tech phones is the “speaker phone” part… just makes life simple!

If I am going to be on the phone for a while (talking to my mom!!) then I will put on a headset!..

Ok, I have not had internet access for three days so that is why I am responding now LOL.

I have bought “Special” phones with amplification and find that they don’t work that well. When I amplify the person, I get terrible feedback, not in my hearing aid, the phone!. And get more “backgroun noises”. Don’t know. I have tried so many landline phones. Now they don’t stink but my little spring cell phone does a better jab and it is M4 T4 and I use a magnet for my automatic t coil and boom! Great.

I am glad I am not alone. I just upgraded to a new sprint phone that is a m4 t4 and hope the sound quality is just as good, if not better.

Samsung Convoy flip phone…the only way to go! Better for me than the landline or amplified phone any time.

Yes, the one I have now is a Samsung m300. I ordered a Sanyo SCP 3810. I will let you know how I like it:-)

My new phone works great. It is a Sanyo SCP 3810. Not only is it super hearing aid compatible but it has large fonts too! Yea!