Cause of Vertigo?

I was recently diagnosed with Vertigo. They have no idea what the cause is or they do not want to say. Could my profound hearing loss and tinnitus be the cause of the vertigo? If so is there any medical evidence written that would state that Vertigo could be cause by profound hearing loss.

Could be Meniere’s disease or Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease. You should consult an otolaryngologist.

I have recurrent vertigo due to AIIED and suppress using prednisone.

I’m not a doctor, but that kind of sounds like Menieres. I had a pretty mild version of it. Vertigo, tinnitus, my ear felt like it was on an airplane and plugged up. Also was pretty moody.

You should talk to a doc about it. For me, going easy on caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and especially stress kept it at bay.

VA audiologist gave me a one hour test that was like waterboarding and you have to open eyes inside dark goggles and he said he could not say specifically what was causing the vertigo. No one knows what is causing it. The only thing I have is profound hearing loss and tinnitus. I believe that is the cause but again I am not a doctor just the receiver of Vertigo

This is the therapy prescribed for me a bunch of years ago. They work but it takes due diligence. You can find it at the Mayo Clinic site. Also check youtube under Cawthorne. Good Luck. Here’s my copy.

Cawthorne’s Head Exercises

These exercises are to be carried out for 15 minutes twice a day, increasing to 30 minutes.

Eye Exercises:
    Look up, then down - at first slowly, then quickly - 20 times
    Look from one side to the other - at first slowly, then quickly - 20 times
    Focus on finger at arm's length moving one foot closer and back again - 20 times
Head Exercises:
    Bend head forward then backward with eyes open - slowly, later quickly - 20 times
    Turn head from one side to other side - slowly, then quickly - 20 times
    As dizziness decreases these exercises should be done with eyes closed.
    While sitting shrug shoulders - 20 times
    Turn shoulders to right, then to left - 20 times
    Bend forward and pick up objects from ground and sit up - 20 times
    Change from sitting to standing and back again - 20 times with eyes open
    Repeat with eyes closed
    Throw a small rubber ball from hand to hand above eye level.
    Throw ball from hand to hand under one knee
Moving About:
    Walk across room with eyes open, then closed - 10 times
    Walk up and down a slope with eyes open, then closed - 10 times
    Walk up and down steps with eyes open, then closed - 10 times
    Any game involving stooping or turning is good

There is a lot of info on Meniere’s/BPPV and vertigo on many of the Veterans pages on Facebook. Was a great help to me.

Could your problem be labyrinthitis? I suffer from this and I had a particularly bad episode a couple of months ago. I’ve had it twice and each time, after the initial attack, mild symptoms occur for a few weeks after it. (I also have profound hearing loss and suffer from tinnitus.)

Many different things can cause vertigo. My wife has it. She went through the physical therapy that is supposed to move the crystals in her ears back where they belong. That helped, but only some. I hesitate to give any more details since what she has, while unlikely to worsen or cause other problems, is an unusual condition that I don’t want to worry you with. However, don’t just give up. Instead, keep pushing until the cause is known.

A search at with these two words in the search field;
vertigo iodine

It should keep you busy for awhile. Duckduckgo doesn’t track you like the big “G”

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