Category suppressed

For those who want to be part of Social, please adjust your settings to be alerted to posts in this area. Since some people don’t want non hearing aid content, I feel this is an adequate compromise.


I’d like to suggest that the default setting for new users be “opted in” and plenty of instructions/advice be supplied on how to opt out. Otherwise, you may have new users who might want to be part of Social but never know that category exists.

Right now, if you look at Categories, too, forums that one has opted out of (or been opted out by the moderators default choices for users) just show up in smaller type, greyed out. Since one can change the type size, it would also be good to include an associated heading or category demarcation boundary indicating “Opted Out” so that one peruses Categories one is reminded of what one has been opted in or out of (I wonder how many new users actually find their way to their Profile Preferences??). Until now I never realized that I had been automatically opted out of certain other categories and could opt myself in if I wanted. As I mentioned in a Discourse general topic thread I had started in the forum support category, some Discourse forums have much more powerful introductory tutorials for new users on how a particular Discourse forum works and in fact don’t let new users get started as posters until they successfully complete the introductory tutorial managed by their bot overlords!

The person who complained about the California wildfire disasters topic in Social could have benefited more from Help on how to suppress particular threads or whole categories like Social (and me, too, as well). Perhaps a “Opt Out” choice could be made to appear near the title of every thread and near every Category categorization for a thread to make opting out an active, encouraged “Pro Choice” option rather than automatically zapping a category for all users whether they individually want it or not. And not “hiding” thread choices behind the Watching, Tracking, Normal, Muted dropdown, which is just a passive feature not so much encouraging active choice. A “Suppress or More Actively Follow This Thread” might be a good label to associate with that dropdown to encourage users to actually make use of the powerful feature.

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