Car Stereo Sound

I’m still getting used to my custom molds (Phonak slim tips) and in 95% of the situations I’m in they sound fine now. The only place they cause an issue is in the car. I have a good car stereo but for some reason music sometimes sounds like it comes from an old transistor radio. Conversation is fine. I’m thinking that I’m missing some of bass because of the custom molds. Has anyone else experienced this and do you have any suggestions for making my car music sound better?

I’d think the molds would give you the best possible bass. I think cars can be a bit of a problem for aids. Everything is padded and the shape isn’t ideal for acoustics. The aids have to adjust for road noise too. Have you played with the bass and treble adjustments on the radio?

For me, I am always turning down things when I listen to music. Music will always drives amplifiers more than voice. With aids designed for best voice, I think music might drive them more than the range they work best. That’s just a guess on my part.

Thanks Ken. I’ll play with the settings the next time I’m in the car. Problem is I don’t want to ruin the sound for other people that may be in the car as well. I guess experimentation is what it will take. I’m just glad I can hear people talking clearly.

For me I asked my Audi to create a program just of when I am in the car, not really sure what it does but it helps eliminate road noise and I can hear my wife much better, and I also enjoy my music so much better. I am sure that what is happening is that she has set up certain filters that is removing the road noise and wind noise, because when I am driving alone and I do not have the music, I do not hear any road noise and wind even when I am doing highways speeds around here which is 80 mph on some of the roads.

Simple solution is to have your audi create a music program that you can activate when you are in the car.

If I remember correctly, you went from domes to molds, but the audi didn’t do any reprogramming. Maybe this issue is related to not re-programming the aids for molds.

You remember correctly! :slight_smile: I was thinking about that as well. I’m going to call tomorrow and see if I can get in to see the Audi this week. Doubtful but I’m going to try…

I was not able to just use my music program in the car, it made the normal road noise way to loud. That was why I asked for the car program.

I just tried my music program (the only program I have other than automatice) in the car and got the same result.

I did another test today. I tried listening to music in the car without the car moving and everything sounded fine. This tells me I need to get the road noise filtered out. I have an appointment with my audi tomorrow afternoon. I will also make sure that they’ve adjusted the settings to the custom molds. Will be a fun visit I think…

HA’s are now adjusted for the custom molds and I am hearing a big difference! She also set up a program to use in the car. I’ll check that out next time I’m on the highway and listening to music. I did a quick test with the local streets on my way home and music seems to sound better. Time will tell though.