I got CaptionCall and got it installed wireless at home. I tried to calls to places that are closed now for voice recordings, but the captioning wasn’t that great and had errors. It may be clear with a real live person. I am not sure. Sometimes I don’t even see any captioning. I am not sure if they can caption or not. At one point the phone wasn’t sensing the handset in the cradle properly so you hear the phone tone until I unplugged it.

I am not real sure this will be good for work. I don’t use the phone at work as I am not sure I will be able to hear or read captioning properly. I worry that not using the phone is limiting my job options in the medical field. I also have anxiety about my co-workers listening in the conversation, which is sort of normal as you can hear them talk. It’s an open area, so I can’t go into a private room.

I have CaptionCall at home as our land phone. You have to have high speed internet for it to work.

I’ve found their customer service is great and they will send a representative out to help with your problem. Or, they will help you through it. They are very willing to help.

I’ve had problems with voices and sound. They said to pull the plug for 3 min then plug in again. It restarted great. But it may be your internet service.?? Please call or e-mail them, they will help you.

I gave up on it. The delay made conversation very difficult and I usually had to explain to the caller the reason there was always a delay before I responded. Otherwise the caller would get fed up and hang up. But I also liked when the caption read, could not understand what the caller said. Well me either