CaptionCall on iPhone

I have a CaptionCall landline phone. I learned that CaptionCall captions can be accessed on an iPhone but not Android phones. Before I spend big bucks on an iPhone I would like to know how well the captioning works on the iPhone. I understand you are given a new phone number to give to people who might call you. Does anyone have any experience with CaptionCall on an iPhone?

There is a service InnoCaption that’s available on Android. I have it installed but I haven’t tried to use it yet.

Samsung subtitles
Google subtitles
Probably a bunch more.

Samsung has a subtitling app? Since when? Tell me more good sir!

Samsung S9

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Well this is interesting. I have an S10+; searched “Hearing Enhancements” in the settings search and found that section, but mine’s a little different. Below Mono Audio it has Mute All Sounds where yours is at the top, then it has a Live Transcribe submenu (which takes me to the Google Live Transcribe app that I had previously downloaded) and a Subtitles submenu which has Google and Samsung subtitles options. There’s also a Sound Detectors menu which has a Doorbell detector and a Baby crying detector. I have neither a baby nor a doorbell yet so I can’t test those.

Phonak now has an app called “My call to Text app” that can translate the voice on the phone to text that appears on your iPhone (I don’t know if Android is supported or not). It works just like a closed captioning device and I would really appreciate it if someone uses it could tell me if it is as good as Phonak describes it. I believe it only works with the Marvel by Phonak system. If I had an iPhone I would certainly want to try it out.

I have an Android Moto G5+, a few years old now. I use Google Live Transcribe especially now that everyone is wearing a mask making lip reading impossible. Iphone may have Live Transcribe available, but I’m particularly interested in how well CaptionCall’s captioning actually works. I use CaptionCall landline at home. My hearing aids are Resound Enzo 3d.

How do you use it? I noticed that I have that on, but I can’t recall seeing call subtitles or something ever. On YouTube I have to turn them on/off myself.

Maybe it’s not available in Germany…

There are two apps for android, one has phonak in the name, another one doesn’t, from the same developer.
I installed phonak version, but for Germany usage is different. I didn’t test it yet, but from reading - if I call someone who doesn’t have an app, cost goes from my prepaid account. Between app calls are free.
However I cannot be called from another phone and that it goes through the app.

In USA if I remember correctly you get another number and you can be called on it, and it goes through that app automatically, and you have subscription options.

That non phonak app works for everyone, but I don’t know pricing system there since I haven’t installed it.

The one from phonak I think it says ‘optimised’ for phonak marvel, but not ‘exclusively’.

You get free minutes to test it, so, you can check for yourself how they work exactly.

Does this work on incoming phone calls?