Captain Kirk Nearly Killed By Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a disease that effects many people, including William Shatner. There are new treatment options available make it easier for sufferers to eliminate this condition.

I have Meniere’s and Tinnitus as well as mild to moderately severe SNHFHL.
My hearing aids all but stop the tinnitus. I have only had my HA’s for 2 months and already I am totally depedent on them for controlling my tinnitus as well as improving my hearing. Also, since wearing HA’s I find that my anxiety level has done down to my boots! I have Tego Pro BTE’s with skeleton molds that have 3mm vents for reducing the low frequencies. I love them.

I cant believe that! I hear that Starkey might be coming out with a new and low priced open ear hearing aid that can be programmed to cancel out tinnitus.

Instead of amplifying, the hearing aid dispenser matches the high frequency tone and sends just that sound into the ear. They say it might really help people with Tinnitus. I hope it works.

Do you have a picture of your skeleton molds? I just can not picture what they look like. Thanks.

strogly recomend neurotone, one added bonus- you do not need to wear a hearing aid… just the therapy