Can't seem to get the right ear mold created for Otolens

Any audiologists in here?

Been an Otolens owner for more than half a year. I’ve had an ear mold created twice for my right ear, but after each new rebuild of the Otolens, it still tends to slip out of my right ear. The left ear aid has been perfect since day one, I just can’t seem to get a good ear mold created for my right ear! Does the right aid need to be built bigger so it doesn’t slip?

Any tips and advice to tell my audi? Thanks.

Is it not possible to get it finished in a matte to reduce this happening: if your ear is a natural taper you might find that it just won’t stay as the action of your TMJ may simply squeeze it out.

Possibly the impression needs to be deeper too, to make more of the aid sit in the bony part of the ear-canal.

This last fitting is worse than the previous, so I am going to ask my audi if perhaps we need to do a deeper fitting. Thanks for the advice. I don’t know what that matte is that you speak of…

A less glossy finish - might be listed as an anti-slip finish.

When you had your impression done did your audi use a mouth block to keep your mouth open while the impression set ? Excessive TMJ movement wearers should have open jaw impressions. This could be the root of the problem with the right ear.

I agree with Matt…

and the deeper the better as far as impressions go.


Well, I had the impression done again and now its even worse! This time, Starkey also added a bit more mass to the aid and it still “walks” out of my ear if I have any jaw movement.

I’m not sure what to do…why is it that my left aid is so perfect and not my right one?

Um Bongo, I think these aids are done (by default) in a kind of rough finish, at least they were when I had them made…black and definitely not all smooth and glossy like most aids. I liked that about them; they were easier to handle.

Not sure this is relevant but I had a Starkey Destiny CIC and it would work loose pretty easily and the audiologist sent it back and they put a little piece of hard, clear plastic on to act as an extension, like a foot, if you will. Apparently the extension foot would catch on something and not move out any further. It worked.

I have had my first set of HA for 6 mo. When made my first appt., the audi made impressions of my ears. When I got the Phonaks, they have a mold that goes into the ear w. a little extension (foot is a good description) that wedges into the base of the curve in the bottom of my ear. Never had a problem and from day 1 was never conscious I had anything in/on my ears. My HA are what I think is called “open fit” in that they allow low freq. to pass thru “untouched”. Maybe those whose ears have to be completely plugged up w. a dome would have other problems.


I wonder if a canal lock is possible on a deep-fitting IIC? They may actually be too deep in the canal to be able to accomodate it?

Has your Aud watched you putting it in? Could be that you are putting it in a fraction wrong? Took me a while to get used to putting mine in and found that the aid in my right ear had to do a tiny twist to go past the second bend in the canal.

Hi Skunker, I had the exact same problem with my Otos, just opposite ears as you.

Any kind of talking or yawning, but especially chewing, and within a minute or two it would walk out 2 or 3mm. Very frustrating, having to re-seat it constantly, all day long.

I feel pretty confident that my audi made really good molds of my ears the first time around, so when I did complain about it, they sent them back to be “bulked up” a little. The first time was good for the right ear, but a second time was needed for the left. I do believe, they have slightly altered a taper on the left one, the second time. If I go a full 24 hours without wearing the aid (which rarely to never happens anymore), I do have to take a minute or two to slowly work the aid into my ear. I wouldn’t call it a “tight” fit, but definitely snug.

I know it’s a pain to have to deal with. My audi and her staff are extremely friendly and eager to please, so I never felt bad about having them re- and then re- re- do it (not to mention the fact that Starkey had to replace the left one twice, since it just completely and unceremoniously died and gave up the ghost, two times). I just encourage you to keep after it until you’re happy, or until someone shows you definitively why it can’t be done properly.


Thanks for the encouragement, but I’m about to give up. Also, if I push the aid in as tight as possible, my entire right ear feels “plugged up” and I can’t hear much of anything on that side.

So, the two major issues i"m having are:

  1. Otolens keeps walking out after every little jaw movement, forcing to constantly push it back in.
  2. If I push the aid in as tight and deep as possible, it blocks most of the sounds and I can't hear much of anthing. Feels "plugged" and not letting sound in...