Can't keep Oticon Delta mushrooms in the ear

I have a pair of Oticon delta hearing aides and I have a hard time keeping the “mushroom” tucked into my ear… they slip our very easily. Evidently, the opening of my ear is larger than the # 10 mushroom or crown. Anyone else had this problem?


use the eargrip to get them im place
if this is still an issue
get a micromold

Ask if you can get a custom mold made.

Dear Shob,

Apart from the two very valid recommendations already noted. You also need to make sure that the tube running into your ear is not too long or too short as it may either be pushed or pulled out of the ear canal if that is the case. Another avenue would be for the professional who fitted you to slightly alter the curvature of the bend going into your ear (by very carefully heating and reshaping it) to allow for a better fit and more stability. Do not try this at home! If you combine this with a micromould as suggested above then things should be good.

Good luck