Can't hear TV movie dialogue

Had a hearing aid test about 8 yrs ago, got a hearing aid, wore it for 6 months and never wore it again.
Now I have become interested in watching movies and have a big problem hearing the low dialogues.
Is there an economical alternative to these expensive aids?

You could try TV ears,Cost about 100.00 US.*&lang=en-US

I got me a pair on them TV ears some time back. They work great! The only short comings they have is that you have to take em off to talk with someone, and they made my ears sore after awhile. Got so the end of the movie was appreciated for more than just a good ending.

You are way overdue for a hearing test, although getting amplified headphones may help you further avoid finding out what’s going on with your hearing. Some movie theaters even supply headphones for the HOH although you usually have to hand over something like your drivers license, which will be returned to you when you return the headphones. But if you want to know if there is a problem you should have a hearing test. And seeing how many years have gone by since your last test you fit right into that time frame of how long it takes for people to admit they have a problem. Besides the normal “can you hear that beep”, you will also be tested for speech comprehension. It will tell you whether or not amplification will help you or not. My comprehension is in the mid 40% so amplification does little to help me understand what’s being said. Movie theaters are all but out and they are as loud as all hell. Get tested.

Just had hearing test done

Your original post said last hearing test was 8 yrs ago. Speech comprehension results?

I had a new test done last Friday Feb 11 2010.
This is the new test:

Your chart is hard to read. Maybe someone with a little more experience can help read it. I’m not sure he did a speech comprehension test. Either way your hearing in the speech areas shows a mild to severe loss. Your high note loss eventually borders on a profound loss. You need hearing aids. But I can’t tell if it will help with comprehension. Get your audi to let you try some different aids and see if that helps. But you definitely need new aids. No one has complained about you blasting the TV?

Definitely I need hearing aids if I want to hear some low movie dialog and not miss a whole bunch of other sounds.
It’s incredible that I didn’t feel any need of HA except that I have a lot of problems with movie dialog of the low, whispering scenes. This movie interest is only a very recent thing of mine and my wife.
Today I tried, at Costco, a Vérité, which sounds very nice but, was shocked at the price of $2,650.00. Don’t know if it would serve my movie watching problem but it…
Was also offered Rexton Bridge 12 for $1,849.00. Again the price is so much than I can afford.
Do you know of any other products for better pricing?

Isn’t this what closed captioning is for?


It seems to me forum participants are a little shy about discussing prices.
These hearing aids are surely high priced technology.
Have the Chinese heard of this market niche? I hope they can do something about it. LOL

I think the prices you quoted from Costco are actually low in comparison to some of the Phonak products from an audi which can run $7000 for the two aids. Being hearing impaired is an expensive condition.

In response to the closed captioning comment, not all programs or movies are available in closed caption. And some of them… well, their typos leave quite a bit to be desired :frowning:

For the past 5 years Ive had a lot of trouble going to the movies because I couldnt hear what was being said. I went to the movies recently and was able to hear almost everyword with these Oticon’s Im trying out. Also for the first time in years I was able to hear my wife wisper in my hear. I have to say that brought tears to my eyes.

Went to see Paris With Love, it was so loud had to turn off my HA, hopefully my latest adjustment will help next time. BTW, everytime we go to the movies my DW has to whisper to me. Between the sound of the movie and my tinnitus there’s no way I can hear a female wisper. Someday she’s going to whisper “There’s a deadly snake crawling up your shoulder.” And I’m going to say “I don’t know how they did that.”

That’s a nice ski slope you’ve got there - pretty classic high frequency loss. TV ears will help for watching tv, hearing aids will help with tv and everything else.

You should never ever ever spend $7k on a pair of hearing aids. If an audiologist (or worse, a dealer and fitter) quotes that price to you just laugh at them and head for the door. A very nice pair of hearing aids shouldn’t run you much more than $5500, and you can get solid pairs for a thousand or so less. Shop around, pick the audiologist you like best, and then negotiate a good price.

Ultimately, you’re going to need hearing aids, and the younger you start wearing them the better. The success rate of younger users is much higher than that of those who wait.

Everyone’s hearing loss is different and what works for one person may not work for another. A person may have a mild loss but poor speech comprehension. Another person may have a mild loss and good speech comprehension. Consequently the aids that work for one may not work for another. To look at an audiogram and say that this will work for you is at best a guess. My loss is profound, my speech comprehension poor. I have tried headphones, infrared. I have tried FM systems. I have tried everything I can think of. Some have helped, some more then others. I have not seen speech comprehension results so far, and amplification does not resolve every problem.

Who cares to hear more noise , cats, dogs and rain drops?

We need to understand speech. If hearing aids will not do that, then they are garbage. If they will put a microphone or an apmplifier in my ears that would raise the volume with out being able to understand what is said, then who I am paying $$$$$ ??

I better get a $ 50 amplifier instead.

Hearing aids are made to help us understand what people say and not hear them only.

You should keep looking dear and you will find a solution for this.

I like the way you say it :smiley: yes ,they are try to say how the sound are really great & also so many option each has to pay for it even you don’t have to they already add it. what ever they say want to hear well speech.
Also hearing aids prize are shocking to see here. May be some people can afford it some people can’t ( like me ) . :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a hard of hearing forum and should not be used for this kind of advertisements.:frowning:

I am pissed off my dear becasue our lives are nightmares ith this hearing loss and companies and just making use of us most of the tiem to make more money.

They claim miracles but when you try their aids you get more porbolems than you had before.