Can't get Phonak Eleva 311 AZ set-up

I just got a new Phonak Eleva 311 DZ a couple of months ago and I have been to me Audi at least four times to get the aid “dialed in” and I’m still having problems with it.
About me: I have had hearing aids since 1988 and until now they have been "in the ear type with the last set being Widex. My right ear had the Phonak and my left ear will be getting a CI in less than two months.

The Eleva automatic programs are taking me a while to adjust. While driving, as soon as I reach a certain level of noise, my aid will have a very noticable increase in volume for about 10 seconds before adjusting back down to a lower volume. That I can live with.

The major problems are peoples voices “booming” and most noticeable when I’m near them talking. I occasionally need to go out in the “shop” where I work and talk to a tech and his voice will be “booming”. There’s “shop type” of background noise). I was talking with my dental tech when she was doing my regular cleaning and her voice was booming also. This “booming” effect makes it almost impossible to understand the person talking. I was talking with a client this morning and he was talking softly but his voice was very hard to understand becaue of the "booming’.

I have a MaxIT neckloop that I also use with my cell phone(Motorola Razr M3 & T3) and before my most recent Audi adjustments I was able to better understand people calling and talking to me, but not now. I have my cell phone volume and neckloop volume turned all the way “up” before and after my last adjustment and still can’t seem to get enough volume plus I now have some distortion to work with. I understand better on my cell phone without turning on the T-coil. My desk phone has a seatloop and I still hear better by just going to the normal “speaker phone” function.

In loud restaurants my new Phonak seems to work on cancelling the background noise. My in-the-ear Widex in my left ear was set-up to compensate for my hearing losss and does not help at all and when I removed it today, I was able to understand my wife much easier and better without the extra incoming loud sounds. My Widex in my right ear that I replaced with the Phonak just always seemed to need more “volume”. I will say that when both Widex’s were in both my ears, I was able to understand more mucic, etc., in my car even though I had to turn the radio volume up.

I know the Phonal Eleva is a very good hearing aid, but what should, if anything, that I need to do to help explain what’s happening to me so that my Audi can better “dial me in”?

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble having them setup the way you need them to be.

Sometimes the functions on these hearing AIDS can be very difficult to deal with especially if the changes are so drastic. It appears though that your Audi can make some major improvements if he or she is able to gather the necessary information from you, as what you’re explaining is really something that is not acceptable for most people.

One question: do you use a remote control or the phone Phonak Smart Link?

The remote may be a great option for making small adjustments in differing environments and also because you can manually control the program changes instead of only allowing the hearing aid to make the changes automatically. This is something you may want to consider with your Audi.

I do not use a remote control or Smart Link.
I’m going to get another appoinment with my audi very soon. I might also add that my original audi after the first adjustment, handed me off to an intern audi. Maybe she doesn’t have much experience with this type of aid and I’m going to have to make sure she has enough input from me even if I have to write it all down on paper and give it to her so we can track what was previously done and the results out in the real world.

I truely believe this hearing aid is good enough once it’s “dialed in”. Would it help if I sent you my hearing test results to check compatibility/performance with the hearing aid that was selected for me?

Here is my most recent hearing test.
Right ear:
250 50
500 55
1000 70
2000 80
3000 85
4000 105
6000 NR

Left ear:
250 55
500 65
1000 80
2000 90
3000 NR
4000 NR
6000 NR
Unaided speech understanding was not performed. Speech understanding using CNC Monosyllabic words presented at 60 dB HL (level of conversational speech) was 22% for the right ear and 4% for the left ear.

Audiological results reveal a moderate sloping to profiund sensorineural hearing loss for 250 through 6000 Hz for both ears.

I will be having a Cochlear Implant for my left ear in about a month.

Your opinion on a Hearing Aid for my right ear with different choices and why? I’m not so sure the Phonak Eleva 311 daz is going to do the job. I seem to not have enough “volume” when using my T-Coil with my cell unless I’m in a quite area. I noticed that when I’ve been at the “Starbucks” counter talking to the wait person, it seems as though the volume goes down and I can’t hear/understand what they’re saying(please don’t tell me to quit drinking coffee).
I have another appointment with my Audi next week and I’ve been writing down every single thing that happens to me while hearing and where it happens so that can help her to make the best adjustments possible.
Thank you

My Audi set my hearing aid back quite a bit to near original settings that we started with. The real “crazy” sounds are gone. I can now understand my cell phone with bluetooth neckloop again, but in a non-noisy environment. The volume of both cell phone and neckloop are turned all the way up and I still can’t get a little more of the volume that I feel I want to have. My settings for volume control were re-programmed for 10 adjustments instead of the 6 that were set before. I’m a little hesitant to reach up and manually raise the T-coil volume when taking a call. Maybe this would be all I need to do, but then I’d be back and forth all day long with adjustments to talk on the phone.

What is your opinion…should I consider one of the remotes where I can immediately and discretely increase the volume or is a slightly more powerful hearing aid a better approach to the volume problem? I have read that some people are enjoying the MicroPower IX with the receiver is in the ear. I believe this hearing aid is possible less powerful than my Eleva 311 but possibly having the receiver closer to the ear drum maybe makes up for that(I hope I quoted the power specs as “fact”?).
Thank you!

The Micropower could be a better choice, since the output at the eardrum is greater than on the Eleva 311. The drawback is that you would then have to use a remote if you use a neckloop and to adjust the volume.

You can have the audi set your M/T program with huge amounts of gain and then only use the remote as necessary.