Can't get hearing aids evenly balanced

Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask how long did it take you to get your hearing aids just right? I’m struggling and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My left side is not even at all with my right no matter what I do! I feel bad for having to keep going back…changing this changing that…it all seems to end the same, fine for a few days then I notice it’s not even again. Frustrating!

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Hopefully somebody else will have a better idea because I doubt you want to hear what I think. I think you’re paying too much attention to “evenness.” I’m guessing you’re checking fairly often if they still sound even and it’s become a bit of an obsession. Try to let it go for awhile. If you find yourself checking, acknowledge that you’re doing it and move on. Then when you’re doing it again in a minute, do it again. Try to see the humor in it. I think it will become less of an issue if you take this approach. Good luck!


I did think that as well. But, after a while it’s too hard to not notice. But, yes thanks for your input it’s something I have thought about!

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I am someone that my hearing loss started out as a cookie bite something like yours. A cookie bite hearing loss is hard to fit, and my second Audi finally told me so. I have been wearing hearing aids for 15 years and only this June did I finally get a fitting that I can understand speech the way I have hoped for for 15 years now. But a lot of my help really has come from losing my high frequencies. The key to fitting your loss the best possible is an Audi that understands the cookie bite hearing loss. Also google Dr. Cliff and listen to his YouTube video about his cookie bite hearing loss.

If your source of the sound isn’t streaming but real sound, just remember that unless in a lab conditions, you’ll never get the perfect sound distribution around your head in order for mics to catch it and give to you perfectly equal in loudness and quality (assuming that it’s perfect fit in ideal circumstances, but you have cookie bite loss, that’s hardest to help).
If it’s streaming but stereo, again, material recorded could not be perfectly recorded.
Not to mention various sound artifacts that come when it’s recorded with anything less than pro studio equipment.

If that’s the dragon you’re chasing I think you’re best off if you just let it live :wink:

And sorry if I’m beating a dead horse. It’s ok to notice it. Not a good idea to obsess about it.


What you are finding is due to your cooking bite hearing loss, I have dealt with it for almost 15 years. I have also had the same issues you are talking about but my right ear. After a while you just deal with it and kind of forget about it. But it is there, and it will come and go

You might try taking an aid out for a while in most environments you live in. Take notes about how that aid is functioning. Then take that aid out and put the other in. Do the same experiment and take notes. Use these notes when talking to your fitter. These notes will also help you understand what is really going on.
This process worked well for me. It also improved speech recognition for me. My hearing is pretty messed up though.
Good luck


If I recall, two and no more than 3 visits from picking up the new aids to finish on my 8/2019 installation of Oticon Opn S1s. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 22 years. My left side is now worse than my right. Juggling those competing levels was the challenging part to get what I hear in my brain to level out. Now, all is well. It helped that I was working with a really talented audiologist.

I have a similar problem between my HA & CI. The HA is louder than the CI, because of everything going on with my mappings and this wretched Covid. We are still in lockdown, both Aud’s offices are shut, so I just get on with it and rely more heavily on my HA. It’s not a big deal to me.

I don’t know which HAs you have but most apps have the ability to adjust the volume on each aid separately. If yours don’t, ask you audiologist to enable that. I am always adjusting one side or the other manually. In many apps you can save that setting and put a name to it. Also, have your audiologist check for firmware updates for your aids and make sure your phone iOS or Android is up to date. Finally, turn off you phone and restart it. This tends to solve many connection problems, especially after an update. Don’t feel bad about going back and if it continues, you may want to ask for another pair if they are still under warranty. Your audiologist should have set your app up for dual volume, checked firmware updates and should be able to check with the manufacturer for a possible replacement if necessary.

don’t suppose you’ve checked for wax build up in the receiver?

Phonak marvels, I had this exact problem. Back for several adjustments. Finally figured what the problem was. I was forcing the domes too far into my ear canals. Sounds normal now. I use power domes.

When I got my first pair 20 years ago I drove my audiologist crazy because I came back for tweaking at least 10 times, maybe more. I finally realized they will never replace my hearing like before. I decided to just live with it. Now when I get a new pair I find I don’t have to go back for an adjustment. Also, the latest hearing aids are so much more advanced that you can tweak them on your own.