Can't decide!

Hello Everyone!

I’ve had a test yesterday and need an aid in both ears due to a high frequency loss (range of speech). My low frequency is quite good. I did used to have a Starky analogue in the ear aid but found this uncomfortable as i could hear my jaw moving!

The options I’ve been given are the Oticon Tego (in the ear), or the Oticon Delta 4000. Ideally I’d like to have a discreate aid, but the Delta did seem quite comfortable and I’m now wondering to take the plunge!!

Does anyone have any experience of both of these aids and can advise if the Tago allows lower frequency in ok?? (just really keen for it not to feel like a ‘plug’ if you know what i mean??? :confused: ) - the Delta did seem to be unobtrusive and seemed to enhance normal sounds well (as it’s a loose fit one??)

I’ve been quoted £4098 for 2xTago (not Pro), and £3498 for 2xDelta 4000 - are these reasonable charges?

any views gratefully received!!!

I have fitted tons of tego and deltas they are good instruments,
you can have a tego with a corda for open fittings, if you are OK with cosmetics you are getting a better value, (the corda can be replace with a normal earhook so you can get up to 80dbhl flat hearing loss) , batery 13 lasts longer and you can have programs…
If you want even more value ask your audi to fit a gopro with a corda and test it in a noisy enviroment i have asked a lot of my clients to test the gopro (which onwned tego) and most of them had told me that they feel them quite similar…

Be aware there are other good choices, I like the Phonak UNA and the Phonak Extra … I like the Una a lot, as I like the datalogging feature.

It is time for oticon to start including datalogging on entry level or mid price instruments…

I have read in their last report they are due for a new mid price instrument (they had hinted this) as the tego is reaching is final stages of its product ciclye (no wonder why the Go pro is so similar with considerable less cost)…

Finally, other nice aids are the Bernafon Brite and the GN pulse…
The pulse is a good aid but with limited range


thanks xbulder!

with the people who have been fitted with the two oticom types (Tego and Delta 4000) - have you had any express a preference for either after using them? - reason for asking is my last in ear aid seemed to block low frequecy making it all sound like my head was in a bucket! - I’m just trying to see if a new digital aid such as the Tega would be prone to this.

I’m after the best i can get of all worlds i suppose! - discreat if possible, but would like the most comfortable and best performing on a realatively tight budget, but if the Delta proves much better quality then I’d go it regardless of it being visible…

IN principle they are diferent instruments, however one thing about the delta
is that the batery is a #10 and it dies rather quick. Another potential problem is that it does not have a T coil and it lacks of a program control…

So I would suggest either the Tego or tego Pro with corda…

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many thanks!

I’ve just been advised by another audioligist to consider the Unitron Indigo Moxi ? - is this rated??

while it is a good instrument, I would suggest Audeo instead,
It just that Phonak owns Unitron and unitron products are based on Phonak technology.
Same happends with Bernafon and Oticon, Bernafon products are somewhat bsed on Oticon technologies
What I do like about audeo is larger batery, T coil and remote control

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after much deliberation I’ve gone for the Delta 4000’s from Oticom. It’s only been 2 days so far and I’m not on full power yet, but so far so good - very clear and nice and light (much lighter than others i tried)… thanks for the help!!!

it is a good instrument, you should be quite ok!