Can't decide between Phonak Paradise P90-RT or P90-13T

Can’t decide between Phonak paradise P-90RT or P-90 13T. Trying to find out what a battery replacement will cost after the warranty expire on the rechargeable. I’ve heard $50 up to $200 per aid.
And also trying to decide if the Tap Control on the rechargeable will be enough to benefit a battery replacement in 5-10 years down the road. I don’t really used Google Assistant, and don’t do much phone calls. But be using the Pause/resume streaming audio. Not sure about the Motion Sensor Hearing, will probably be using a single program with fix mic most of the time. haven’t never really like auto changing programs.

Thanks ahead of time for the response

@mking76 It would help if you post your most recent audiogram.

I have the P70r and behave been very happy with them. I have found the motion sensors to be very helpful even while being unnoticeable, that is I don’t really notice them working, I just hear conversations better.

Autosense in the Paradise is amazing if the aids are programmed correctly. No need to manually change programs for different situations and I never notice it changing except for when the aids go into streaming.

The thing unlike the best is that when it is quiet I don’t notice the aids at all, it’s line I am not wearing g them, but as soon as there is noise, music, speech, ect they are there doing their job. It’s almost magic!


Battery price depends on where you are in the world.

I have P13T and S and P receiver. Average usage 6-8h a day, 2-4h of streaming (BT media, BT calls and TV - that last one uses less battery). For P receiver battery lasts a week, for S around week and a half. So with full day proper usage, I’d expect third of this lifetime.

So now it’s 5 batteries each 3 weeks, which is 86 pieces
a year. Here on 60x powerone 13 cost between 13 and 15 eur. So, my current usage costs me around 20 eur per year, and estimated full day usage would cost me 60 eur per year.

Price difference between 13T and RT version here is around 200 eur per aid + 100 for charger. For 500 eur I can get almost 10 years of batteries :joy: for both aids.

For rechargeables, rough estimates are 1h of BT connection (media or calls) eats 10% of battery. 3h of TV streaming will eat around the same 10% of battery.
My experience was aligned with those estimates. I trialed RT.

However, it’s expected that battery will lose its capacity after 2-3 years, so if now it barely holds you (eg you have 30% or less left by the end of the day), in 3 years it might not get you through the day.
And definitely abandon all hopes that it will suffice for whole day at 5 year mark, let alone 10 year mark.

Manufacturers don’t exchange parts, they exchange whole shell - cost of production is significantly lower than man hours for dismantling/repairing later. I was told around 200 eur tops, for non rechargeables if I ‘have to pay repair myself’ eg I bring all broken pieces and they give me new shell and transfer my licences.
I was pondering about if additional insurance makes sense and concluded that not (here it costs roughly half the price of aid to insure for 4 years and have the ability for one total replacement in case of lost or damaged). Aid is around 3000 eur a piece. Unless you get a discount, which you probably won’t.

Also, if you stream a lot for example calls for work or music for 8-10h and then you also need them for commute and such, phonak rechargeables won’t hold you through the day.

I like the convenience of not having to charge something every day, so I went to P13T route. Plus I didn’t notice anything significant for my loss from those motion sensors.

Assuming same price and no hearing improvement with motion sensors, if you have dexterity issues, and no problem with daily charging, and don’t BT stream more than 4h and TV stream more than 4h a day, go rechargeable if you like the idea.
Otherwise, go size 13 battery.

Of course, if those assumptions aren’t held, your decision probably depends on it.

I’d gladly pay 500 more if aid bring improvement in hearing that I do notice, so for me priority is - better hearing ability, cost, no daily recharging. Since P-RT didn’t deliver first one, I gladly didn’t spend that money for rechargeables I didn’t desire anyway. :joy:

I am using P90 R, Accelerometer and Tap options works great. Battery works more than 18 hours after a full charge at days that it is connected to bluetooth all this time.

I use the P-90RT. I generally agree with Blacky. I would add that connectivity (Bluetooth mainly) was a goal on this hearing aid stanza and the tap-tap features of the R models is surprisingly intuitive. I also wondered about the R vs size 13 choice and I elected the R. I think it was the correct choice for me. If the li-on batteries expire, I will replace them.

Unless you’re planning on buying online with no support, I don’t think cost of replacement battery is really an issue in US. Seems to be standard practice for HA provider to send aids back to factory just before 3 year warranty expires for new batteries and new hearing aid internals.
OK, I see you’re thinking of these as very long term hearing aids. Not many people keep hearing aids 10 years and I’m guessing there would be other issues besides batteries by then. What is the compelling feature or features that make you consider Paradise?

Thank for the input.
The main reason I’m looking at the Paradise or maybe the Marvel is for Android phone Bluetooth. Probably buy online and self program.

Thanks for the input we’re in the US. I have been leaning to the size 13 battery.

thanks good info to think about

Android Phone Bluetooth or standard Bluetooth so you can stream from other Bluetooth devices?
If it’s just for streaming from phone, Resound or Starkey would be another option if you have an ASHA compatible phone. From what I understand of your wants/needs, I’d lean towards the 13 battery and maybe look on E-Bay for good deals on Marvels.

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I have older phone so be standard Bluetooth, but be willing to upgrade to Android 10 phone google pixel 4a. But from what I understand ASHA or LE be a few more years to become a standard. And also the carrier may have the ASHA disable also.

I may go with a used Phonak m90 or costco K9 for now.

Nothing wrong with the KS9 with telicoil. Great aids, great price with excellent service/warranty.

how many day does a 312 battery last on the KS9? I think I read 3-4 days.

My wife gets around 6-7 days. Uses Power One battery. She uses the TV Connector 3-4 hours a day and talks on the phone2-3 times a day. They have been great aids for her.
Good luck.


It varies. I’m getting 4-5 days currently with Costco’s batteries. 3-4 wouldn’t surprise me with lots of streaming or a severe hearing loss requiring power receivers.

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Hi, this Dr. Cliff video might help you. He explains Motion Sensor & Movement with Phonak Paradise hearing aids.


How do you self program?

Most hearing aids for the last few years can probably be program with a Noahlink Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Aid Programmer and with the software from the Aids manufacture. Can find more info by searching in the forum with “self program” be a good place to start.