Cannot update Connexx 8.3


Hi All, I am wanting to update my version of Connex 8.3 and so I tried running the Update manager but it says it can’t connect to the internet even with my firewall disabled. It seems that I can’t get it to work at all. Is there a link to the latest version of Connexx 8 and Sifit Database? I don’t know how I can get it to update properly without the update manager…



I am running it on Windows 7 and my browser works fine as well as Connexx being able to connect to the web, it is just the Update Manager that is saying “Checking for new updates unsuccessful”



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Many thanks for the link, for some reason I couldn’t find it through a search of the site.

I also found that when I did the first install of 8.3 the SiFit database didn’t install properly, so I had to do a full uninstall and reinstal for it to work. But update still didn’t work, hopefully the latest version will work better.



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