Cannot Update Audiogram in Google Chrome

I may be dense, but I have spent a good 30 minutes searching to learn/find ways to update my audiogram. Please help.

go to the main page, not the forum.

sign in there and edit your profile, then save.

I don’t think you can change it with the interface in the forum.

It worked fine for me using Chrome.
Click your icon in the upper right (you’re logged-in right? :slight_smile: ).
Click on the little preferences gear icon in the upper right.
Click on Expand in the upper right.
Click on Hearing Tracker Profile in the middle-ish area.
Click on Update My Hearing Test below your current audiogram.
Here you can move the x’s and o’s around or click on Manual Entry to type in your numbers.
You need to choose right or left ear to move an o or x.

All these steps will lead you to the main page mentioned by me.

Yup. (1234567891011)

Thank you all for your help. Thought I was signed in since I was in my profiles page, but apparently not. After a password change (Why.?) and resign-in, I was able to see the Update My Hearing Test button.

I was able to easily update my audiogram, but I also have WRS values I would like to enter. The fields to do that are greyed-out and won’t let me enter any data in them.

I need to update my hearing profile. I have tried to update it using both Fox and Chrome -neither worked. Any more suggestions?

Have you tried updating your audiogram/profile using the non-graphical tool? Where you just use drop-down menus for each frequency? I find that easier than the GUI tool.

@DanTheMan: Sorry to take so long to get back. @emil has the idea. This is a lot easier than the kinda tricky and confusing graphical method.

When I go into my Hearing Tracker’s site to update my audiogram, there is no audiogram!!! What has happened to this already confusing site?

Try signing in here:

Sign In

Still the same. I can edit the ‘about me’ but there is no audiogram!

I can’t find it either.

@rasmus_braun where has audiogram feature gone tooooo?!?!?!?

Did you try the manual entry link a couple posts above (from me)? It’s not the fancy graphic entry but I’m able to get there.

New member here.I tried everything and never found the blank audiogram. I went to the link Z10user2 noted above and manually entered my data.I now have my audiogram uploaded. Thanks z10user2.