Cannot understand speech with Beltone Boost Plus

Wear Beltone Boost Plus and hate them. I have Profound loss. Boost’s have plenty of volume but I can not UNDERSTAND SPEECH. Price is no object

Will give a general response since I know nothing other than that you’ve got a profound loss. 1)If you’ve got horrible word recognition scores, there may not be a hearing aid that will help. 2) What’s your audiologist/hearing aid fitter say? Or do they just seem incompetent? 3) There can be a lot of difference in profound losses, but you might be a candidate for a cochlear implant. 4) You’re best bet is finding a very good audiologist who has lots of experience dealing with profound losses and not worrying about which hearing aid brand.

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Do you wear them all day, every day? It takes some time for recognition to improve.

In the top right of the screen there is a place to enter your audiogram results. It would be helpful to posters to see exactly what you are dealing with for hearing loss.