Cannot get myPhonak app to connect to my P90-R

When I try to run MyPhonak app it will not connect and I get an error msg "Internal error. We are sorry, something unexpected has happened…

Iphone SE, IOS 15.1
MyPhoank version 4.0.4
MyPhonak has been working great for me.
Tried to create a special program. That is when the error occurred. I was only able to recover MyPhonak by reinstalling my fitting settings. The MyPhonak worked as before. Unfortunately, when I tried to save settings again, the same problem occurs and MyPhonak is inoperable.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Is this the latest version,if so are you able to roll back to an earlier version?

What about uninstalling the app completely and download new/fresh from Apple store.

Thanks. I have already deleted and re-installed the app several times. I don’t think I can roll back. I just can’t believe when I try to save a change in MyPhonak, it goes crazy. I guess the software challenges are just too much for them.


Others have said disconnecting the R-Hearing Aid for phone calls and music, allows the myPhonak app to work better and works for saving custom programs. Then once finished, reconnect the R-Hearing Aid.

Might help, I don’t know?

Zebras, thanks for your help. I tried what you suggested plus other stuff and then like manna from the sky, I was finally able to do it.

Temporarily disconnecting R-phonak worked for me.