Canadian Costco - New Hearing Aid models available


I have been seeing the posts from the US folk about new models available in the US, but didn’t realize they are showing up here in Canada now too. I was in yesterday to pick up my latest molds and noticed they have a couple of new glossy brochures on the counter. One is for the Phillips HearLink, and the other covers the ReSound Preza and Vida. I think the Vida has been around for a while, but the Preza is new. I asked about the price of the Phillips HearLink, and she said it was $1600 CDN each or $3200 a pair. That is about $1000 more per pair than the KS8’s at $2,150 a pair. The brochures of course are typical for hearing aids and give no technical information on them. Manufacturers seem intent on hiding this kind of stuff from consumers… I guess it is out there somewhere, but since I am no longer in the market, I have not done any digging.



Thank you, thank you. Toronto



I tried the Preza briefly, just a store walk around. Then I tried another store walk around with the KS8. Very brief experiment to listen to general sound quality. I thought that they were similar.

I bought the KS8, presuming that I would be disappointed and would ultimately go with the Preza. I had an initial problem with the fitting, which was overly dependent on REM for volume. REM seems very good for getting the shape of the sound correction curve right, but was way off on volume. Once I got this fixed I could not believe the improvement the KS8 is, over the KS6!! In every environment it is better - crisper, clearer, and automatically adapts so that I don’t have to fiddle.

This is not where I thought I would wind up. All I have ever had is Resound, first the Alera/Future then the KS6. I thought that I would never wind up with Rexton/Signia and was planning to drop near three grand large. There is no reason for me to do so. I cannot imagine needing more than the KS8 for my hearing loss.

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I’m following this thread as I’m in the market for new aids. Similar experience as Torbil having purchased the the Future and then the K6’s. Resound aids have been good to me. I found the Rexton at the time difficult to hear with when I trialled them. I am waiting for the next generation HA’s to show up at Cdn Costco’s, before I make the plunge. From watching their intro’s it is usually October or so. Do you think the (possibly rebadged) Marvels will show up at Costco? What is so special about the Philips aids?



Frank, I found the Rexton (KS4…?) at the time unreliable, but sound quality was OK for me. I had two receiver failures and one aid fail within the 90 day period, so I returned them. I bought the Resound Future at hundreds more. They were rock solid re. reliability and got me going with Resound. KS6 were better than the Futures, and I liked them a lot.

The KS8 is light years ahead of the KS6, in my opinion. Much crisper, far fewer words missed, work far better in loud environments. I took my grandkids to Spider-Man and understood all the dialog. I haven’t turned on subtitles on the TV since I got the KS8. And they automatically adjust to different listening environments so that I never have to mess with them. Outside in the wind? They suppress the wind. In a car full of people? They tune me in to every voice, instantly. In a restaurant? They find the voices I want to hear amid the chaos. Lots of volume and no feedback with my open domes and 85 dB loss. (Which is interesting. They have better feedback suppression than Resound, which has excellent feedback suppression.) Better streaming sound quality. Better app. Just better in every way.

Have no fear, this is not your grandmother’s Rexton!

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Reading all of the posts today from people in US going to Costco and getting the KS9, Phonak Marvel, sounds like might a very good buy for Android users like myself… Definitely will be watching for them at my local here in Winnipeg.



Stopped in at my local Costco last night and unfortunately no news yet as to an arrival date. They did say that they had received a new release email saying that the KS9 were launching in the US, but nothing official for a timeline in Canada at this time.