Can you help me with some questions about my new Jabras from Costco?

I just got a new pair of Jabra Enhance Pros from Costco and I like them. I was just barely able to qualify for the M&RIE receivers so I got that too. Currently my audiologist enabled the All-Around,
Restaurant, and Ultra Focus programs. Do all the programs use the M&RIE capabilities? If not, which ones? Can you select when to use the M&RIE capability or is it a feature that is always on and in use for all programs?

Also, my audiologist told me (I think) how to use the external buttons to mute the aids but I forgot. A useful feature when moving into some environments.


If your fitter used the default directionality settings the M&RIE in-ear mics will be active in the All Around program when you are in quiet environments. When noise is encountered the in-ear mics will be deactivated.

The programs and their default directionality is:

All Around - All Access Directionality
Restaurant - Autoscope
Ultra Focus - Ultra Focus.

In this setup only the All Around program uses the in-ear mics of the M&RIE receivers as described above. The aids determine when those mics are active, and there is no way to control it.

Some users have discovered that they prefer the sound when the in-ear mics are active, and have their All Around program set to use M&RIE directionality. In this case the in-ear mics are always active.

I can’t address how the buttons on your aids work as mine are programmed to switch programs with a short press or activate the TV streaming with a long press. TV Streaming requires the TV Streamer 2 accessory.

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Thank you jay_man2. That was very helpful.

Right now I am not to impress with mine! My programs are set on auto and 2 is restaurant, thats it!what is the Ultra Focus programs? I think I would like to control programs by using the external buttons like I had on my old hearing aids.

You can have the aids set to cycle through your programs with the buttons on the aids.

Ultra Focus is useful in very noisy situations where the speaker is directly in front of you. I liken it to Restaurant on steroids.

Does my Costco hearing guy have to adjust to do the cycle through my programs or can I just start pressing the buttons on the side of my aids?and by pass the auto that is already set?

I would have no idea. I don’t recall what the default setting is, but mine are set for the button on each aid to cycle through programs with a short press, and connect to a TV streamer with a long press.

My right aid has 2 buttons up and down to control how low or high I want sound,my left aids have the auto programs set and only one is restaurant,

Maybe it’s a language issue, but I can’t understand your post. I’d recommend talking with your fitter and having them make sure the aids are set the way you want, documenting what the buttons do, and showing you what to do.

Sorry,I guess I am not explaining the problem correctly,I will talk with my fitter,thank you

Hope you get things resolved to your satisfaction.

Thank you,I think you already answer my question,you mention that I can have my aids set to cycle through my programs with the buttons on the aids,

With the jabra, which has one button, the default setting is - short press right volume up, left vol down. Long press (3 sec) cycles through the programs although I have one ear cycle and the other mute/unmute as I use that. Very long press (10-12 sec) turns off or on.

Thank you for your reply,my guy at Costco is not very good in explaining anything to me,right now I have a ear infection and can not wear my right aid,so since they are made to work together and you can’t use just one! He said that the right aid controls everything, you mention mute/unmute what does that do?

Yes you can certainly use just one. Just leave the right one in the charger.

As to the mute - the buttons can be programmed to do several things (although with limitations :wink:

There is short press and long press (3 sec). You can do vol up and down, change program, mute/unmute (which does as it says - turns the mics off or back on). There are a couple more I forget as I don’t use them. That is something the HIS needs to setup

I can’t seem to use just one,I think because my programs are not set up to do that,my right aid is used for the vol.only,up/down. my left one only is program for restaurant, I really need to go to another Costco in my area,this guy is not telling me any of what I have learned here,

Why not try DIY, it’s not that hard, do it in the comfort of your home, all you need is a copy of ReSounds SmartFit software and a Noahlink wireless from eBay, plenty of people from right here on hearingtracker to help you along the way.

Well,I hate to say ,but ,I still have a flip top cell phone ha it still works for me,I know I am behind the times I guess,

It seems that all of these new aids can’t work for you unless you have a Iphone or Smart phone,I have neither!

do you know the theory behind only M&RIE in all around. I struggle the most in more complex (ie noisy ) environments and I was going to try these if I qualify in the hopes that I could hear better when there is more than 1 speaker.?