Can you hear your car's beeps and warning tones?

I have a new Toyota RAV4 and often can’t hear it trying to communicate with me! Not true with other automobile brands! Write or call Toyota or whatever make you feel are below normal in volume. Isn’t this a disability thing that needs to be fixed? This is exacly what I told Toyota:
· The “beeps” are too high pitched and quiet to be heard if there is background noise. Can the volume be increased? I don’t mean on the navigation system but unlock/lock and other warning tones. This is a must-do to accommodate people with hearing disability. Not industry standard as Mazda and Honda tones are quite easy to hear.

With my aids out, I cannot hear the frequency of my microwave oven beep unless I am standing nearly with my ear to the thing!

I guess the Toyota people don’t have hearing problems…:smiley:

Without my aids I hear nothing. I have the quietest running car on the planet.