Can wearing hearing aids lead to having more colds/sinus problems?


I started wearing hearing aids in January (writing this in May.) Since then I’ve had three colds – runny nose, stuffy head, irritated head. This is unusual for me. I’ve wondered if this has anything to do with the fact that my ear canals are now mostly blocked by the hearing aids. Has anyone heard of/experienced this kind of connection?



I have been wearing hearing aids for almost 15 years and haven’t noticed in difference in my normal number of sinus issues



I have been wearing hearing aids for 61 years and haven’t noticed any difference in the normal number of colds or sinus issues



I’ve had sinus issues forever, but no worse since I started wearing aids.



^^^ Ditto times two: SINUS issues 4Ever. :unamused:

While I highly doubt wearing any aid would contribute to getting colds here’s what helps: place your aids in a UV sanitizer EVERY SINGLE night! You can buy these units up at Amazon. They’ll eliminate 99% of the viruses and bacteria on the aids.

ALWAYS wash your hands before touching your aids! First thing in the morning and last thing at night: wash hands before handling aids.

Best of all: I absolutely SWEAR by PressureEze for reducing sinus issues overall. No kidding, I was just introduced to this saline nasal spray a week ago, got some at Amazon, and use it about every other day. Keeps my nasal passages WIDE open and even helps a lot to clear my ears.

The main transmission mechanisms for colds is HANDS and the air you breathe. Try to identify the viruses coming to you via those two pathways and eliminate them.

Yes. Even live in a cave! (OK, just kidding.) :wink:



It may be an indirect connection. If someone hears better they may go out more and socialize more…and be exposed to more people and viruses.



Kind of a catch 22 huh?