Can the Phonak Roger On iN device be used discreetly?

Hi everyone! I have an appointment with Costco next month and am interested in trialing the KS10 hearing aids, or possibly Jabras, depending on the recommendation after my hearing tests. I’ve been told I have unusual hearing (aidiogram in my profile), so it’ll be interesting to see what they say!

My questions are…

  1. Are Roger accessories compatible with the KS10s?

  2. Can the Roger On iN be used discreetly? Like placed somewhere discreet in my SUV so I can hear a passenger better from the side or backseat? Or even kept in my pocket (or on a necklace under my shirt) at parties?

It sounds like something that could really help me, but I’m not ready to start pointing it at people, or announcing my hearing loss to groups of people.

Thanks for any help, this forum is amazing! :smile:

Your audiogram isn’t in your profile.

You won’t get optimum performance if you hide it under a shirt.

I used to wear my Roger Pen on a lanyard at work and then pointed it at them. Not pointing it at them, all I could hear was myself.

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Yes it’s different, unusual maybe, but I had to find your audiogram in one of your old posts, as stated it’s not in your profile.

You’ll do well with KS10 and Rodger products, but I believe Costco don’t offer the Rodger products, so I guess you’ll need to find another audiologist clinic to help you set them up if this is indeed the case.
@Zebras could confirm?


Costco won’t be involved with anything to do with Roger so best bet is for @Bubbly to buy a Roger On iN so she can transfer the licenses herself but if she wants the Roger program adjusted, then unfortunately I don’t know how she’ll get that done as Costco won’t do it.

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It should work well for those things you want.

It will work even better if you stop caring so much about being discrete and just start caring more about hearing better.


Sorry, I thought I did have it in my profile! I posted it here instead.

Thanks for the input on the Roger Pen, that’s kinda what I was thinking would happen. Hopefully the KS10s will be adequate enough that I won’t even need the boost🤞


Altho you can get a Roger Pen iN, the technology is quite old now, 2013.

Best bet is a Roger On iN.

There are programs on the KS10 that help you hear in noise. I use the Phonak Speech in Loud Noise altho it might be named differently on the KS10.

I totally understand what you’re saying. I’ve come a long way with being more open about my hearing loss, as I was teased so much as a child about it!

But I just got a new job that requires traveling and a lot of meetings and lunches with new clients. I’d spend a ton of time talking about my hearing loss if I were to inform all of them! I’d rather just set up a situation where I can hear a well as possible, and only let people know when I’m really struggling :blush:

I found that I could put an Oticon mic on a conference table and no one seemed to notice. I would sometimes ask a speaker to wear it and they always seemed flattered. I’m retired now, but I’d would not hesitate, if working, to put my Roger OnIn on a conference table. If anyone noticed I’d say it was a Bluetooth microphone to my hearing aids most people just nod, or they think it’s cool and ask questions, but it’s not a major, or really any distraction. The Dr Cliff YouTube talks about how to use it discretely.

You don’t just buy a Roger device and automatically hear better. It has to be used strategically which in some cases is the opposite of discretely. There is also a learning curve.

In addition to the other comments above, there is recent thread on Roger devices that might give you other information.

Seems like you are not at all new to Has, and if so probably have experience that depending on how noisey an environment is and how far you are away from the talker you want to understand the challenge for the tech to deliver can increase dramatically. I am considering Roger myself, and from reading it is clear that in some more challenging circumstances performance will be best when NOT handicapping the tech by being discreet.

Sorry to read of the carry over from being teased at a younger age - that sure can be painful. As others have pointed out most adults are quite understanding and in some circumstances it will probably call less attention to the “issue” by placing the Roger device on the table at the beginning and have it over with. Probably better than having marginal hearing, perhaps needing to ask that something be repeated, and then finally taking device from its discrete location and into the open.

Unless you have long enough hair to hide your HAs at least some of your adult listeners might feel a little bit embarassed if they come to realize you have some hearing loss as you have had to pull device out. Embarassed as they might feel that they should have been more observant and accommodating on their own. I know that this is a totally different take on things, but it truly is a possibility. Glad that you are making progress in being more comfortable with things and of course do what you think is best for yourself and the speakers you are in contact with.

From your OP, I speculate that in your vehicle if yo are transporting a number of biz clients or associates that having each talker have a line of sight shot to the Roger microphone would function best especially if there is a lot of road or traffic noise. Have you own body in addition to the front car seats blocking the audio from some talker in the back is seriously handicapping the technology. Perhaps creating a “nest” for it on any arm rest/storage compartment to the side of the driver would be relatively discrete and far better than in a shirt pocket.

Good luck …


I can personally relate to this, as I was also teased at a young age with my aids. To the point that I would always have my hair long to cover my aids and I even picked to use slim tubing, that was probably counterproductive with my loss.

Changing now as I’m getting the proper tubing size (13) and now looking into this Roger technology. Seem like it is another game changer (like bluetooth is) for profound loss? Right now, I’m still struggling loud event that require mask. In the past, I could “cheat” by reading lips, but with the mask, I have no chance!

Has anyone found a real improvement utilizing the Roger Pen (or On iN device) for speaking with people with mask on?


I’ve used the Roger Pen in pointing mode regularly with people who are wearing a mask.

Works well in my opinion.

I have only just got the Roger On, haven’t tried it in that situation yet, altho has a better pointing mode compared to the Pen.

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Likewise, I just got it. Can’t wait.


Try holding the On in your hand, but in your hand, so only the tip shows. And hold you hand and arm at a normal position. Most won’t notice you are holding anything. If you need it really close to a person, you should explain what it is and ask them to speak into it. At least for speakers at an event, they are always very happy to wear a lapel mic and seem surprisingly charmed by the idea.

Sorry if you’ve heard this before, but looking at your loss I’m thinking you would benefit from a cochlear implant evaluation.

Yes, that has been mention to me. I actually just had a conversation with my audiologist about this even. Basically since I’ve been able to function successfully with aids all my life (48 years) and finding that they are improving, I just don’t see the need to go through that process now (If I were a candidate).