Can Stem Cell Help Auditory Neuropathy?

Hi, First timer on here. Im a distraught father who has just learnt that my daughter - Megan of 2 years - has Auditory Neuropathy. She is due to have a MRi scan in 3 weeks. My heart sank when i heard the news but im very confused.

My daughter had a ABR when she was 1 month old and she passed - hearing within normal limits. Then we went to see the doctor 2 months ago about Megan not really speaking english words. She babbles, laughs etc - but only got 10 words. The doctor said he will send her to speech therapist and get a hearing test. The audiologist says Megan seems fine as she has responded to noises but said i need to evaluate her in 3 months time just to be sure. We said no and requested a ABR again. So Megan got an ABR and the results were horrifying. The results came out as left ear >95 db and =85 db on right. They checked the cochlea and said that was working totally fine so they presume its the nerve ANSD.

Why did she pass the 1 month ABR test and fail the 2 year test?? Why do i feel she can hear me and respond to actions. Im not in denial - i know something is not right with Megans hearing but the results do not match what she seems to have. As a parent, i m going hell. You can understand why people take their own lives.

I have read a lot on stem cells to help hearing loss. Especially in Panama and RNL Bio. But can that help ANSD???

Can someone help me.


I can’t help you there, as I’m waiting on stem cells myself. If I live that long…

I will tell you, though, that when I was two months old, I learned my first word. I picked up additional words during the rest of the first year, and then, suddenly, sometime afterwards, my vocabulary stopped growing and I lost my hearing. For some reason, my parents didn’t notice it, and when I was about six and a half, my adult sister at the time noticed that I might be deaf. My parents got mad at her and wouldn’t speak to her for a year until I was diagnosed as profoundly deaf at seven and a half. It can happen that suddenly, children lost their hearing. I’ve no idea why it happened to me.

I do remember, though, pulling an anatomy book off the shelf and opening it to look at the various systems of the body and pointing at the head while getting Mom’s attention. What I DON’T remember is starting to cry and getting frustrated when it was clear that she didn’t get what was wrong with me or that I was trying to tell her, “Help me, I’ve lost my hearing,” only by pointing at the book. I would cry until I fell asleep on top of the book. She told me this happened for about two years until I gave up, about three to five years old. And she told me this when I was in my 20s.

This looks like it might be a legitimate trial in children